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Disney's Eisner solves Net piracy problem

Piracy on the Internet is the most devastating thing to happen to the entertainment industry in the past seventy-five years, Disney Chairman Michael Eisner told the Congressional Joint Economic Committee in Washington this week.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Jun 2000

Movie clip Trojan to be used in DDoS-style attack

The FBI will meet with staff from Network Security Technologies on Friday to examine the company's claim that malicious hackers have embedded a Trojan in a movie clip, with which they have infected 2,000 commercial and home computers in preparation to launch an attack to disable Web sites, the Associated Press reports.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Jun 2000

Ruling would hurt MS, staff, millions of people – says MS

MS on TrialMicrosoft has asked Judge Jackson for a stay on the Final Judgement, couching its Motion in aggressive terms. Starting with a claim that the judge's ruling would inflict "grievous and irreparable harm on Microsoft, its 35,000 employees, its millions of shareholders, its thousands of business partners, and the tens of millions of consumers around the world", Microsoft goes on ask that none of the remedies be implemented before appellate review of "the Court's liability determination and the relief awarded".
Graham Lea, 09 Jun 2000

Plan 9 goes open source

Ken Thompson's Plan 9 operating system has been released by Bell Labs as open source.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Jun 2000

Computers will disturb heat balance of universe, says Sun's Gage

JavaOneMolecular computation could eventually threaten a cosmic meltdown, thinks Sun co-founder John Gage. And he wasn't being frivolous.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Jun 2000

Terra and Lycos a go-go

Shareholders of Terra Networks have given their blessing for the Spanish company to acquire Lycos.
Tim Richardson, 09 Jun 2000

ISPs breeding like rabbits

There are now some 4,000 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Europe, according to the latest number crunching from Cambridge-based researchers Analysys.
Tim Richardson, 09 Jun 2000

Corel sheds 320 jobs

Corel is to shed 320 jobs and stop paying its CEO's salary in an attempt to slash costs.
Linda Harrison, 09 Jun 2000

Ballmer unplugged is off message from Redmond

MS on TrialSteve Ballmer, Microsoft's travelling CEO, is unwired from Fort Redmond, judging by some contradictory statements he has been making about the judgement - as well as a startling admission that Windows 2000 desktop sales may not be so good.
Graham Lea, 09 Jun 2000

Rambus exec kicked out of DDR seminar

Senior suits at chipset manufacturer Via Technologies confirmed today they had expelled a Rambus executive from their midst.
Mike Magee, 09 Jun 2000

AT&T trials JavaTV

JavaOneRemember interactive TV? After years of tub thumping, backroom arm twisting, and tactical releases and untactical retreats, Sun Microsystems investment in putting Java into interactive TV finally looks like paying off.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Jun 2000

Sony to replace PlayStation 1 with ‘portable’ PSone

Sony will revitalise its 32-bit PlayStation next month with the launch of a portable version of the console.
Tony Smith, 09 Jun 2000

Barnstorming Ballmer breezes off to Belgium

MS on TrialFor reasons that entirely escape us, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is (was? frankly we haven't a clue about the lad's airmiles) now in Belgium, welcoming the news that DoJ bigwig Joel Klein is "prepared to engage in meaningful settlement negotiations."
John Lettice, 09 Jun 2000

BBC removes Star Wars, Austin Powers meta tags for no reason

The BBC has denied it removed three meta tags from its flagship Web site because they allegedly broke trademark laws.
Tim Richardson, 09 Jun 2000

Cockney Kryptonite finds use for Tony (Blair)

If you fancy popping out for a Ruby and a Britney tonight you might end up with a Leo Sayer.
Linda Harrison, 09 Jun 2000

Judge orders movie execs deposed privately to prevent antics

US District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan has rejected an MPAA request to keep witness testimony secret in the upcoming court battle between the movie industry and the 2600 Magazine Web site over the distribution of the DeCSS utility which cracks DVD encryption.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Jun 2000

Internet incubator slashes jobs

There's conflicting evidence today concerning the state of the dotcom industry in Britain following the loss of more Net jobs.
Tim Richardson, 09 Jun 2000

DRAM prices rise (again)

DRAM contract prices continued to rise in North America and Europe from mid-April to mid-May.
Linda Harrison, 09 Jun 2000

Warner Music Group makes out with MP3.Com

Warner Music Group has granted MP3.com a licence to distribute its music over the MyMP3.com channel. At the same time it has dropped its copyright infringement suit against MP3.com, upon agreeing terms for royalty splits with the digital music download pioneer.
Drew Cullen, 09 Jun 2000

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