9th June 2000 Archive

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  • Disney's Eisner solves Net piracy problem

    Let's make OEMs and ISPs liable

    Media 09 00:12

  • Movie clip Trojan to be used in DDoS-style attack

    Home PCs in the crosshairs now

    Media 09 05:40

  • Ruling would hurt MS, staff, millions of people – says MS

    Colourful language backs request for stay

    Software 09 07:23

  • Plan 9 goes open source

    Outswank your BSD neighbours...

    Software 09 07:30

  • Computers will disturb heat balance of universe, says Sun's Gage

    Overclockers, beware...

    Channel 09 07:36

  • Terra and Lycos a go-go

    World domination only a click away

    Media 09 11:38

  • ISPs breeding like rabbits

    Yuk -- and in public too

    Business 09 11:38

  • Corel sheds 320 jobs

    Plus Cowpland works for free

    Business 09 11:39

  • Ballmer unplugged is off message from Redmond

    Reel him in quick, before he whacks the stock price again...

    Software 09 12:06

  • Rambus exec kicked out of DDR seminar

    He hadn't registered, that was his problem

    Channel 09 12:19

  • AT&T trials JavaTV

    ...and it's subsidised by Redmond

    Software 09 12:30

  • Sony to replace PlayStation 1 with ‘portable’ PSone

    More PSX 1.5 than GameBoy rival

    Business 09 14:11

  • Barnstorming Ballmer breezes off to Belgium

    Can't you just feel those ears popping?

    Software 09 14:18

  • BBC removes Star Wars, Austin Powers meta tags for no reason

    ...other than they're a bit stale, that's all

    Media 09 14:21

  • Cockney Kryptonite finds use for Tony (Blair)

    Fancy a Frank and Pat?

    Media 09 14:22

  • Judge orders movie execs deposed privately to prevent antics

    MPAA v 2600 Magazine courtroom stunts wisely anticipated

    Media 09 15:10

  • Internet incubator slashes jobs

    ...as even more dotcom jobs become availabe

    Business 09 15:51

  • DRAM prices rise (again)

    Chipmakers get fat as supply thins

    Business 09 15:53

  • Warner Music Group makes out with MP3.Com

    Anything's better than Napster

    Media 09 17:09