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FICkle finger points to Transmeta fete

Computex 2000Thanks to our friends at Mobile Linux for pointing us to the fact that First International Corporation (FIC) is showing a Transmeta-based device at Computex this week.
Mike Magee, 07 Jun 2000

Mosel predicts rapid death of SDRAM

Memory company Mosel Vitelic said today it has introduced 64Mb double data rate memory (DDR) and forecast that during the second half of this year, the standard will displace current PC-133 memory modules.
Mike Magee, 07 Jun 2000

Willamette to have triflingly short shelf life

Computex 2000For all the fanfare made by Intel about its up-and-coming IA-32 processor codenamed Willamette, it has emerged that another IA-32 processor will displace it within a period of four months or so.
Mike Magee, 07 Jun 2000

Spicy PC gossip from Old Taipei

Computex 2000Despite others' perception, quite often journalists hunt in packs and then share ideas with each other so that a jigsaw picture of what's really going on can be assembled. Chatting to a hack here who was at the AMD intro of the T'Bird in Taipei, and he said one of the speakers had made a strange comment about Via using AMD as a sort of foundry. This chimes somewhat with a comment made by a mobo manufacturer and another made by Richard Brown, marketing director of Via. The Abit guy said that AMD had positively discouraged them from using its chipset while Brown said, "we're the only game in town". So could it be conceivable that AMD will abandon its chipset biz entirely while ceding space to Via?
Mike Magee, 07 Jun 2000

Linux racked by sub-$1000 frame

Computex 2000ServeLinux has introduced a rack mounted 2U server costing less than $1000, claiming a breakthrough in the market.
Mike Magee, 07 Jun 2000

Beanie Babies maker threatens Quake clan

The maker of Beanie Babies has threatened to sue a Quake clan for naming itself after its cuddly creations.
Linda Harrison, 07 Jun 2000

MS shoots off last volley, now it's back to the judge

MS on TrialIn a surprise move, Microsoft has filed its response to the response to the response a day early. And the company's Reply to plaintiffs' response to Microsoft's comments on their revised proposed final judgment is for once a short one.
Graham Lea, 07 Jun 2000

JavaOne 2000

Team Register, 07 Jun 2000
BT Openreach at work

Unmetered access just a few weeks away, says BT

BT has confirmed it will comply with Oftel's directive and offer wholesale unmetered access to the Net "within a few weeks".
Sean Fleming, 07 Jun 2000

Ballmer ducks UK press as verdict hits

UpdatedSteve Ballmer was due to meet the pressin London today, but just as Judge Jackson announced that he'd deliver his final verdict at 3pm Eastern yesterday, into our mailbox came the cancellation. And we can't help feeling that some supernatural power must have guided whoever thought up the title of the event that isn't going to happen any more: "Unfortunately we have to tell you that the Microsoft 'Choices of the Future' event planned for tomorrow afternoon has been cancelled."
John Lettice, 07 Jun 2000
Peekabooty - censorship bears

Ex-army major offers dotcom sanctuary

A retired British Army major is planning to offer refuge to companies sick of government meddling in the Web.
Linda Harrison, 07 Jun 2000

Gritted teeth welcome for new Java licensing

JavaOneAt JavaOne today, representatives from HP, IBM and Compaq denied they'd ever even heard of openserver.org, the self-styled "standards body" they created six weeks ago to wrest control of Java from Sun.
Annie Kermath, 07 Jun 2000

Microsoft blocks cloners' from streaming media format

Microsoft has warned open source developers off using its ASF streaming media format.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Jun 2000

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