6th June 2000 Archive

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  • DoJ rebuts MS filing, pulls Gates up on email deletion

    Reads like it was prepared by somebody who'd been burned once. Funny

    Software 06 10:07

  • ‘President Gore’ to put government on line

    Got a problem? Write your Webmaster....

    Media 06 10:07

  • Napster to sue bastard Offspring

    If this is what it does to its friends...

    Media 06 10:07

  • SETI challenge revisited

    Our reference Rambus system gets to munch through some work units

    Business 06 10:07

  • New technology in old Taipei

    A quick scoot around the halls

    Business 06 10:10

  • Rambus misses Computex Dragonboat

    DDR takes the Taiwanese biscuit

    Channel 06 10:10

  • Intel 815e bursts into early existence

    The 815e is now alive

    Business 06 10:12

  • Computex 2000

    All the stories from Taiwan's biggest IT show

    Register Full Coverage 06 10:14

  • RIP could wreck UK business, Chamber of Commerce realises

    The penny drops

    Media 06 10:30

  • C-R-A-P.com takes the B-I-S-C-U-I-T

    Hyphenated domain names for sale

    Media 06 10:30

  • ASA probes NTL ad claims

    Prompted by a massive number of complaints (actually, only 13)

    Data Networking 06 10:30

  • Software upgrade cuts off ADSL triallists

    BT blames Alcatel

    Data Networking 06 10:30

  • Jungle job cuts follow Software Warehouse merger


    Business 06 10:30

  • Linux beats Microsoft to support superfast disks

    It's Ultra ATA/100-ready before the press release ink dries

    Software 06 10:30

  • DoJ accepts trivial MS changes, refuses all the big ones

    But Microsoft just keeps coming...

    Software 06 10:30

  • Is Gates planning a share stake shuffle ahead of an MS split?

    Some of the company's requests suggest that very thing

    Software 06 10:30

  • IBM preps Transmeta notebook

    The veils are almost off

    Business 06 10:30

  • Windows ME to RTM next week, ship mid July

    Send Jim Allchin on extended leave, and things start to ship - funny that

    Software 06 10:31

  • TUCOWs pawn in Internet.com domain theft

    Spoof on the hoof

    Media 06 12:04

  • MTH flaw forces Intel Timna delay

    Don't SOC it to me, baby

    Channel 06 12:04

  • Worm spams mobile phones

    ILoveYou copycat, with a twist

    Data Networking 06 12:08

  • Cellnet GPRS broadband offering sounds strangely narrow

    27Kbps? Don't all broadband at once, obviously...

    Data Networking 06 12:08

  • Board makers wonder if AMD, VIA can keep up

    Will we have a demand-supply crunch?

    Business 06 13:47

  • The Web is the platform, says Gates – carefully

    Ever get that feeling the platform's shifting from under you?

    Media 06 13:55

  • Intel gives up on SDRAM version of Caminogate

    It's Rambus or nothing from now on

    Channel 06 13:55

  • Consumer watchdogs fail the Spam Test

    Can't think, won't think

    Media 06 15:35

  • Which? slates online quacks

    Viagra prices too high

    Media 06 15:35