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DoJ rebuts MS filing, pulls Gates up on email deletion

MS on TrialLast week Judge Jackson called for one final encore of filings - at the Department of Justice's request - before he delivered his final verdict. The DoJ's filing is now in, and Microsoft's response is due on Wednesday, but although the DoJ ostensibly wanted to deal with legitimate issues raised by Microsoft, its filing is shot through with the kind of wording you'd expect from an outfit that's been burned once already.
John Lettice, 06 Jun 2000

‘President Gore’ to put government on line

If elected president, Internet inventor Al Gore will "lead a second American Revolution to make our government far less costly, far more effective and far more relevant to every American," by wiring virtually all federal services to the Web by 2003, he promised during a speech delivered at North Carolina State University on Monday.
Thomas C Greene, 06 Jun 2000

Napster to sue bastard Offspring

Freedom fighters/criminals (delete as appropriate) Napster may be forced to sue its long-time friend, the band Offspring, after Offspring's Web site started selling Napster merchandise including T-shirts and baseball caps without its permission.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Jun 2000

SETI challenge revisited

In our story of a few weeks back in which we detailed our SETI competition results, we mentioned how a couple of our machines fared:
Andrew Thomas, 06 Jun 2000

New technology in old Taipei

Computex 2000Each day of Computex, we'll try to bring you a roundup of companies and products that caught our eye at the trade show.
Mike Magee, 06 Jun 2000

Rambus misses Computex Dragonboat

Computex 2000It's a public holiday in old Taipei today for the Dragonboat Festival. But memtech company Rambus appears not just to have missed the dragon boats, but the trade show boat too.
Mike Magee, 06 Jun 2000

Intel 815e bursts into early existence

Computex 2000The official launch date of Intel's 815e chipset is the 19th of this month but you can forget all that because at the Computex trade show there's stacks of the pesky things.
Mike Magee, 06 Jun 2000

Computex 2000

Team Register, 06 Jun 2000

RIP could wreck UK business, Chamber of Commerce realises

The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) has got so irate about the government's planned Internet controls it has sent it a letter.
Linda Harrison, 06 Jun 2000

C-R-A-P.com takes the B-I-S-C-U-I-T

A British e-commerce outfit reckons it's on to a winner by offering for sale some 300 punctuated Web addresses.
Tim Richardson, 06 Jun 2000

ASA probes NTL ad claims

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is investigating NTL amid allegations that it has misled consumers over its free Net access offer.
Tim Richardson, 06 Jun 2000

Software upgrade cuts off ADSL triallists

Two hundred ADSL users were left without Net access over the weekend after a software upgrade went wrong.
Tim Richardson, 06 Jun 2000

Jungle job cuts follow Software Warehouse merger

E-retailer Jungle.com saw a batch of redundancies last week, but says the action does not affect flotation plans.
Linda Harrison, 06 Jun 2000

Linux beats Microsoft to support superfast disks

Linux support is now available for the Ultra ATA/100 bus specification, Quantum announced today. Linux is the only OS so far to support the new spec, and three of the five current controller 1chipsets - Intel, CMD and Promise - with AMD and HighPoint in the wings.
Annie Kermath, 06 Jun 2000

DoJ accepts trivial MS changes, refuses all the big ones

MS on TrialThe DoJ's last brief before the Judge Jackson's Final Judgement shows that Microsoft has lost none of its fighting spirit, and is determined to get as many proposed provisions as possible reversed. It's going to be uphill work, because the DoJ has stonewalled the best that Microsoft could offer. The changes Microsoft was seeking could be categorised as trivial; serious clarifications of the text; and anticompetitive try-ons. The DoJ has gone along with 18 changes, and flatly rejected some 85 others.
Graham Lea, 06 Jun 2000

Is Gates planning a share stake shuffle ahead of an MS split?

MS on TrialCould it be that Bill Gates has a plan to reduce his shareholding to less than five percent, so that after the divestiture, he could still have shares in both companies and be recognised as the person running both of them? Gates would not relish being identified as a pariah, and to him the most distasteful of the DoJ's proposals must surely be his being prevented from being seen to control both companies after the divestiture.
Graham Lea, 06 Jun 2000

IBM preps Transmeta notebook

IBM says it will show off a ThinkPad using Transmeta's Crusoe low-power chip at PC Expo this month, but has stopped short of committing to use the processor in its flagship notebook line.
Annie Kermath, 06 Jun 2000

Windows ME to RTM next week, ship mid July

Microsoft is to ship the finished English language version of its new consumer OS, Windows ME, to MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) members in the second week in July. Factoring in the time taken to produce the CDs and get the mailing logistics together, this means Windows ME is likely to RTM (Release to Manufacture) early next week, and will start appearing on new PCs a couple more months down the line.
John Lettice, 06 Jun 2000

TUCOWs pawn in Internet.com domain theft

Internet.com, the online magazine, had its domain name nicked last week. And TUCOWS.com, Canada's answer to Andover.Net, played an unwitting but key role in the hijack.
Drew Cullen, 06 Jun 2000

MTH flaw forces Intel Timna delay

Intel is pushing back the launch of Timna, its cheap and cheerful system on a chip offering, to next year.
Drew Cullen, 06 Jun 2000

Worm spams mobile phones

A Russian company has discovered a worm virus which spams mobile phones.
Linda Harrison, 06 Jun 2000

Cellnet GPRS broadband offering sounds strangely narrow

Signs are emerging that BT Cellnet is well and truly on the bleeding edge of high speed mobile data. The company trumpeted its first GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) call mightily last year, but what it thought it was going to be doing then, and what it's actually doing now, are two separate things.
John Lettice, 06 Jun 2000

Board makers wonder if AMD, VIA can keep up

Computex 2000Customers are crying out for Athlons based on the latest KT-133 Via chipset, but can Via pump out the volumes?
Mike Magee, 06 Jun 2000

The Web is the platform, says Gates – carefully

It was a subdued Bill Gates who kicked off Microsoft's TechEd meeting in Orlando yesterday. There was certainly nothing controversial, which was just as well in view of the imminence of the Final Judgement. We were told how "getting the personal computer to critical mass... has been the legacy of Microsoft's work". Software is now "the key ingredient that is going to change the Internet", with the Internet moving from being "a presentation device... to the Internet being a platform".
Graham Lea, 06 Jun 2000

Intel gives up on SDRAM version of Caminogate

As we reported earlier today, MTH flaw forces Intel Timna delay Intel has moved the entry level Timna system on a chip out to Q1 2001 due to an inability to make the accursed memory translator hub (MTH) work properly.
Andrew Thomas, 06 Jun 2000

Consumer watchdogs fail the Spam Test

Internet consumers in Europe have been cheated and let down by the very organisations established to protect them, The Register has discovered.
Tim Richardson, 06 Jun 2000

Which? slates online quacks

Online quacks can kill you, Health Which? warns.
Linda Harrison, 06 Jun 2000

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