5th June 2000 Archive

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  • 'Amiga is Back and will change computing forever, again'

    Who are we to argue?

    Business 05 09:51

  • FBI swoop hacker hauled into court

    Welsh teenager charged on 12 counts

    Business 05 09:52

  • Incoming! Intel goes launch crazy

    Get ready for N-N-N-Nineteen June Intel mega launch

    Channel 05 09:52

  • Intel withdraws boxed Xeons, admits 933MHz CuMine problems

    Intel boxes dealers, disties' ears: supply ultra-tight

    Business 05 09:58

  • Cyber funerals are no laughing matter

    Especially if the regulator gets its way

    Business 05 10:10

  • Outlook Love Bug patch still mysteriously missing

    How long does it take to pour quick-set over attachments anyway?

    Business 05 10:11

  • SAMBA team plots ‘killer appliance’

    All that and single sign-on too

    Business 05 10:18

  • Dilbert creator chooses most-creative expense claim

    Voodoo dolls are tax deductible

    Business 05 10:18

  • Sega teams with Motorola to build games mobile phone

    Hello? I'm on the second level...

    Business 05 10:19

  • Don't tax Net hardware either, says Intel's Grove

    Funny that...

    Business 05 10:19

  • 1GHz Thunderbird shipping today

    Intel in trousers-down scenario as Chimpzilla delivers on time

    Channel 05 14:56

  • Via's PMA 133 chipset ‘to slaughter’ i810e

    And FIC, unphased by Intel, goes Socket A

    Business 05 14:56

  • Slap in the head for Hague domain name turkey

    No bids for URL

    Business 05 14:56

  • Who do you think you are kidding, AltaVista?

    Brass Neck of the Week

    Business 05 14:56

  • Games review StarLancer

    It's not half bad, if space murder's your thing

    Business 05 14:57

  • Return of the Son of Caminogate

    Souped up i820 hits the streets

    Channel 05 15:26

  • US investment house moots $50m Iridium takeover

    That's one hell of a mark-down

    Data Networking 05 15:26

  • US Supreme Court lets opt-out data sharing stand

    Advertisers have rights too

    Media 05 17:09