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'Amiga is Back and will change computing forever, again'

Press releases on Saturday usually mean one thing: something to hide. This one, from Amiga Inc, is the exception.
Drew Cullen, 05 Jun 2000

FBI swoop hacker hauled into court

A teenage hacker accused of stealing details on 23,000 credit card accounts appeared in court yesterday.
Linda Harrison, 05 Jun 2000

Incoming! Intel goes launch crazy

It'll be a busy month for Chipzilla as it launches a whole slew of new products that it doubt hopes will take the shine off the arrival of AMD's Thunderbird and Duron processors.
Andrew Thomas, 05 Jun 2000

Intel withdraws boxed Xeons, admits 933MHz CuMine problems

Just as love goes with marriage [seen the divorce figures - Ed?], and the Moon is a balloon, so Intel's long suffering distributor and dealer channel get the thin end of the wedge when supplies of CuMines and Celerwhines are being doled out - as this internal document leaked to us by an Intel employee - proves.
Mike Magee, 05 Jun 2000

Cyber funerals are no laughing matter

You can push black humour too far (well, you can with the authorities). Burymeright.com has been given the cold shoulder over its proposed advertising blitz. The company which offers you the chance to tell family and friends how you want to go, sent a script of a proposed ad to the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre for clearance. The BACC said the ad "was unlikely to get passed".
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jun 2000

Outlook Love Bug patch still mysteriously missing

Users are still waiting for a fix for MS Outlook after the ravages from the ILOVEYOU, Melissa and related viruses. Microsoft is itself in a bit of a fix here; having pushed the idea of attachments, a security fix based on blocking all attachments seems like a massive climb-down.
Graham Lea, 05 Jun 2000

SAMBA team plots ‘killer appliance’

The SAMBA team is working on code that will lead to "killer appliances" according to author Jeremy Allison. At the very least, it could offer an opportunity to reduce the need for many of the NT servers that are deployed today.
Annie Kermath, 05 Jun 2000

Dilbert creator chooses most-creative expense claim

Dilbert creator Scott Adams has chosen a winner in a competition to find the most creative expense claim.
Annie Kermath, 05 Jun 2000

Sega teams with Motorola to build games mobile phone

Motorola is to use Sega Dreamcast technology in a new generation of mobile phones to be launched next year, say Japanese reports. According to the financial daily Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the two companies are due to announce an alliance later today (Monday).
John Lettice, 05 Jun 2000

Don't tax Net hardware either, says Intel's Grove

Andy Grove has been offering advice to the US government, as well as the odd maxim for individuals and businesses, at a conference on Internet and Society at Harvard. His messages were couched in coded terms, but by a massive coincidence, they'd be good for Intel as well as the government.
Graham Lea, 05 Jun 2000

1GHz Thunderbird shipping today

As predicted by The Register last week, Thunderbirds are go! AMD today duly unveiled the Thunderbird variant of its Athlon processor at Computex in Taiwan earlier today.
Andrew Thomas, 05 Jun 2000

Via's PMA 133 chipset ‘to slaughter’ i810e

Computex 2000The little problems that First International Corporation (FIC) is currently having with chip giant Intel are not preventing the Taiwanese firm from promoting two Socket A motherboards to support the T'Bird Athlons and Durons which use the Via chipset.
Mike Magee, 05 Jun 2000

Slap in the head for Hague domain name turkey

Tory leader William Hague has been snubbed by the cybersquatting community.
Linda Harrison, 05 Jun 2000

Who do you think you are kidding, AltaVista?

It may only be Monday but AltaVista has already won the brass neck award for the week.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jun 2000

Games review StarLancer

Following the popularity of a recent games story, we have decided in our wisdom to cover more gaming news. We made the mistake of telling this to a Microsoft PR man and three games arrived in the post the next day.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jun 2000

Return of the Son of Caminogate

Intel's revamped i820E chipset starts shipping today, a couple of weeks earlier than expected. Featuring a new ICH2 I/O controller hub supporting four USB ports, the 820E also has an integrated LAN controller, dual Ultra ATA/100 IDE controllers and Dolby surround-capable six-channel audio.
Andrew Thomas, 05 Jun 2000
Cat 5 cable

US investment house moots $50m Iridium takeover

New York investment company Castle Harlan has admitted it is attempting to buy Iridium for $50 million and so save the cellphone satellite network from its crash and burn fate.
Tony Smith, 05 Jun 2000

US Supreme Court lets opt-out data sharing stand

The US Supreme Court today let stand a controversial lower-court ruling enabling telecomms companies to use and share information mined from customers' billing records to pitch additional services, the Associated Press reports.
Thomas C Greene, 05 Jun 2000

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