2nd June 2000 Archive

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  • MS trial: no hanging yet, but Reno says Gates is robber baron

    You win some, you lose some...

    Business 02 10:11

  • Boo.com – it lives!

    Fashionmall.com buys site, trademark etc.

    Business 02 10:25

  • We've found a good WAP idea!

    And of course some crap ones too

    Business 02 10:25

  • Compaq drives WAP deals with handheld subsidies

    HP to follow suit

    Business 02 10:25

  • Thunderbirds are go!

    Well they will be next week

    Business 02 10:25

  • Compel urges shareholders to stay put

    85 million offer taking the mickey

    Business 02 10:25

  • Click here for genuinely sexy geeks

    Straight up (although to be honest, a few of them are clearly deranged)

    Business 02 10:25

  • Sony welcomes PlayStation 2 clones

    Today X-Box - tomorrow ze vorld

    Business 02 11:53

  • Apple retail share rises

    But with iMac sales apparently falling, how long can it last?

    Business 02 11:53

  • Solano Mobo, more Macs, BX overview

    Sites pick up speed

    Hardware Roundup 02 11:53

  • Mirror claims credit for LibertySurf suspension

    Lone voice in the wildernes

    Business 02 11:53

  • ICANN world whip-round comes a cropper

    Can't pay, or Won't Pay?

    Business 02 11:53

  • Lastminute flies high with Expedia UK

    And other tales from the Bubble Economy

    Business 02 11:57

  • IBM donates SOAP to Apache XML project

    Beats Microsoft to the punch

    Business 02 12:52

  • Hoojit maflips Shoppers Search engine

    Offers Pokemon inducements

    Business 02 12:52

  • Bomb explodes at Microsoft SA

    No casualties

    Business 02 12:59

  • Madonna single leaked via Napster

    Fan sites in trouble, too

    Business 02 12:59

  • Chip sales jumped 35.6 per cent in April

    World+dog can't get enough of 'em

    Business 02 13:59

  • AltaVista free everything ISP goes live

    Only three weeks late

    Business 02 14:06

  • Music biz changes tune on Net threat

    All of a sudden, the Internet is an opportunity

    Business 02 14:44

  • Compaq tunes into MP3

    Digital music players comin' atchya, raps Capellas

    Business 02 16:09

  • BBC forces comedian to hand over bbc.uk.com

    It's not funny, he says

    Business 02 16:22

  • UK court slaps reseller for metatag squatting

    A first for Britain

    Business 02 16:22

  • MS to relocate to hi-tech secret island to escape Feds

    Canada? Phooey - Billfeld's Island's the place to be...

    Software 02 16:22

  • SiS samples single chip Athlon chipset

    It's a system on a chip minus the CPU

    Business 02 16:23

  • 3dfx and Nvidia's public flame war

    And it affected company announcements too

    Business 02 16:23