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MS trial: no hanging yet, but Reno says Gates is robber baron

Just when influential analysts start saying everything's going quiet in the Microsoft trial, US attorney general Janet Reno describes Bill Gates as a "robber baron." Frankly, there's no alternative explanation to what she said, and the chances of the focus shifting off Microsoft as the trial moves into the appeals phase have decreased some more.
John Lettice, 02 Jun 2000

Boo.com – it lives!

Boo.com could soon be back in business after US e-tailer, fashionmall.com, bought the failed e-outfit for an undisclosed sum.
Tim Richardson, 02 Jun 2000

We've found a good WAP idea!

We like Ed Dale and Pablo Campillos - director and European development bloke of mIQ respectively. Why? Because they have the same perspective of WAP as we do. Meeting up to discuss their sport-stats-on-WAP plan, the first few minutes was spent joyfully poking fun at the one million and one stupid ideas that have been spewed out in the name of WAP (fashion advice, coffee discounts etc etc and so on).
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Jun 2000

Compaq drives WAP deals with handheld subsidies

Compaq is clawing its way into the PDA market on the back of WAP. The company has stitched together cut-price hardware deals with mobile operators in Germany, and now looks set to roll out subsidised WAP/Compaq hardware bundles with operators in other European countries.
Valerie Thompson, 02 Jun 2000

Thunderbirds are go!

The much-hyped AMD Thunderbird is to bare its teeth at Chipzilla at Computex next Monday. The souped-up Athlon will launch at 750MHz and feature 256KB of on-die cache, finally allowing Chimpzilla to compete on even terms with Intel's Coppermine Pentium IIIs.
Andrew Thomas, 02 Jun 2000

Compel urges shareholders to stay put

Computacenter has been labelled "opportunistic" by Compel after launching a hostile bid for the reseller.
Linda Harrison, 02 Jun 2000

Click here for genuinely sexy geeks

That's right! It's not brand new or nuffin but it's the first we've heard of it - it's The Sexiest Geek Alive!.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Jun 2000

Sony welcomes PlayStation 2 clones

Sony is planning to license its PlayStation 2 technology to third parties, if comments made by Ken Kutaragi, head of the company's video games division, are anything to go by.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2000

Apple retail share rises

Apple appears to be moving back toward its former status as a 'top three' PC vendor, according to the latest sales figures from the US retail and mail order channels compiled by market research agency PC Data.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2000

Solano Mobo, more Macs, BX overview

Wouldn't you just know it? You wait ages for a decent Mac site to come along and then two arrive together. Joining MacSlash which we mentioned here yesterday, comes MacTechUK, an Apple site aimed at UK Macintosh users. If you are tired of Apple concentrating on the USA or generalising the UK as "Europe" then this is site is worth a peek.
Andrew Thomas, 02 Jun 2000

Mirror claims credit for LibertySurf suspension

LibertySurf has suspended sales of its unmetered Net access software and canned its nation-wide ad campaign after the service was hit by major problems.
Tim Richardson, 02 Jun 2000

ICANN world whip-round comes a cropper

Internet body ICANN is having trouble persuading nations to cough up for this year's budget.
Linda Harrison, 02 Jun 2000

Lastminute flies high with Expedia UK

Team Register, 02 Jun 2000

IBM donates SOAP to Apache XML project

There's a bit more to the IBM/Lotus donation of its Simple Object Access Protocol (6,000 downloads from IBM's alphaWorks site) to Apache's XML Project than meets the eye. As Robert Sutor, IBM's XML program director, put it yesterday, IBM does not want the Internet to become "a battleground of competing, vendor-specific 'control points'".
Graham Lea, 02 Jun 2000

Hoojit maflips Shoppers Search engine

Parents: from today you could become the most popular mum and dad in the world if you register at search engine/shopping guide hoojit.com. The site is giving away complete sets of Pokemon cards as an enticement (or if you want to teach the little brats a lesson in humility you could go for the helicopter ride or webcam).
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Jun 2000

Bomb explodes at Microsoft SA

Police are investigating a bomb attack in the early hours of this morning on Microsoft's office in South Africa.
Linda Harrison, 02 Jun 2000

Madonna single leaked via Napster

Pregnant pop star Madonna has found herself in the midst of a Net piracy wrangle after an unreleased single was leaked on the Web.
Linda Harrison, 02 Jun 2000

Chip sales jumped 35.6 per cent in April

The world continues to want more chips and that intense demand generated a 35.6 per cent hike in semiconductor sales in April.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2000

AltaVista free everything ISP goes live

AltaVista will launch its much-hyped Net access service in Britain at the end of the month - some three weeks later than scheduled.
Tim Richardson, 02 Jun 2000

Music biz changes tune on Net threat

A music industry executive has finally gone public and revealed what business' real attitude to the Internet and music piracy.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2000

Compaq tunes into MP3

Compaq will hop onto the MP3 bandwagon later this year courtesy of CEO Michael "Groovin'" Capellas' pet project: the Big Q's consumer division.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2000

BBC forces comedian to hand over bbc.uk.com

A British comedian has been forced to hand over his Web address after the British Broadcasting Corporation issued a writ against him in the High Court.
Tim Richardson, 02 Jun 2000

UK court slaps reseller for metatag squatting

A Tyneside reseller has become the first company to be roasted by a UK court over trademark infringement in HTML 'meta' tags.
Linda Harrison, 02 Jun 2000

MS to relocate to hi-tech secret island to escape Feds

OK, we give in. When BBC news reported this morning that Microsoft might move to Canada in order to escape the hangman's noose, we thought: what a ludicrous story - there's no way we're reporting that. We carried on ignoring it, reasoning we could spare the hits, when Slashdot picked up on it, and as it dominoed its way through lesser news organisations. But then we saw the Dow Jones newswire headed "Microsoft up on Canada report."
John Lettice, 02 Jun 2000

SiS samples single chip Athlon chipset

Those awfully-clever SiS folks have developed a new $39 chipset for AMD's Athlon. Based on the SiS630, the SiS730S integrates the north bridge, south bridge, and a 128-bit 3D graphics accelerator (SiS300) into a single piece of silicon.
Andrew Thomas, 02 Jun 2000

3dfx and Nvidia's public flame war

We've said it before, but ain't it great when you're reminded that businesses are run by real people with real prejudices and flaws? This one's a treat and was played out on Glide Underground.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Jun 2000

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