1st June 2000 Archive

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  • Sun buys an Infiniband leg-up

    If the network is the computer, you still need wires

    Business 01 08:37

  • Amazon dumps Alpha 17 years ahead of schedule

    Moral: if you're sure of a customer, shut up about it

    Business 01 08:37

  • ATI throws wobbler over prototype review

    Maybe you shouldn't have sent it out then, guys

    Business 01 08:37

  • Next generation Intel chipsets have bugs

    Won't stop 'em launching the little buggers, though

    Business 01 08:37

  • BT Internet customers locked out of email

    'Goodwill gesture' considered - but don't hold your breath

    Business 01 08:37

  • Symbian's Myers on Microsoft, antitrust and those memos

    Steering platforms

    Business 01 08:38

  • The dos and don'ts of mobile phone etiquette

    Don't speak when you are spoken to

    Business 01 08:51

  • Meet the Sexy Sister

    The first erotic websoap - apparently

    Business 01 08:56

  • MS mounts futile bid to delay, blunt trial penalties

    Weird scenes inside the documentation...

    Business 01 08:56

  • 3Com sues Xircom in modem patent clash

    Even though 3Com's selling its modem biz...

    Business 01 09:25

  • Compaq's Capellas offered as MS character witness

    Will he take the field with Bill at the appeal?

    Business 01 09:29

  • TurboLinux announces lay-offs and refocus

    But coming late to the Linux cluster party could cost

    Business 01 09:43

  • Napster exiles 230,000 more alleged music pirates

    After Metallica, Napster bans Dr Dre's list of users

    Business 01 11:16

  • Gay Labour Lord gets Web reprimand

    It's not cricket, fuddy duddies cry

    Business 01 11:21

  • Computacenter launches hostile bid for Compel

    Offers 85 million cash

    Business 01 11:21

  • Oven geek teaches Planet Online staff how to use microwave

    Challenging, very challenging

    Business 01 11:21

  • New worm virus courtesy of MS Outlook

    With a Killer Resume attached

    Business 01 11:31

  • NexGen Windows – has the trial derailed it for keeps?

    Right now it's just a delay, but without a radical recast, cancellation looms

    Business 01 11:31

  • Corel staffers face up to prospect of 500 job cuts

    C$15-30m cash injection may not be enough

    Business 01 11:31

  • Beached Baan bows to buyer

    So farewell then, Graham's Baan stories...

    Business 01 11:31

  • Boo assets go for a song

    Bright Station pays out 250,000 for lovely technology

    Business 01 11:32

  • I'm no cybersquatter, says Ronaldo.com owner

    Infogrames PR stunt backfires

    Business 01 11:32

  • Transmeta scores Gateway-AOL Linux appliance deal

    A product? Things are obviously starting to look up...

    Business 01 11:32

  • New Intel chip prices

    That Xeon 700 looks a bit of a bargain

    Business 01 11:32

  • France Telecom buys Orange cellular outfit in $45 billion deal

    3Gs all round...

    Business 01 11:32

  • This crazy WAP world we live in

    More sagas from the Wibbly Wobbly WAP

    Business 01 11:32

  • BT forced to offer unmetered access to competitors

    And other very interesting happenings at Oftel

    Business 01 11:32

  • Nintendo set to delay Dolphin debut?

    No mention in the company's 2000 profit forecast, anyway

    Business 01 11:32

  • Telewest makes sweet music with chello, ditches blueyonder?

    No comments, all around

    Business 01 15:46

  • MS DreamWorks witness' site runs on Linux

    Meanwhile, Compaq seems to want Office and OS integrated

    Business 01 15:46

  • Sony aims to quadruple PS2 output

    More boxes, cheaper prices

    Business 01 15:49

  • BT Surftime: All men are not born equal

    BT Internet customers told they can't sign up until August

    Business 01 15:49

  • C2000 loses Web manager to London dotcom

    Waves goodbye to Basingstoke...

    Business 01 16:09

  • 3dfx resumes Voodoo 5 5500 AGP shipments

    'We're 3dfx and we care a lot'

    Business 01 16:09

  • BT Surftime: How to turn four customers into 20

    Count Affinity Internet 17 times, that's how

    Business 01 16:14

  • Analyst ups MS stock, apparently forgetting verdict's due

    Premature prediction? Anyways, the suck... er... investors seem to be buying

    Business 01 16:14