31st May 2000 Archive

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  • MS trial lawyer in legal action against Christie's, Sotheby's

    Considering the provenance of the defendants, it's appropriate it's a class action...

    Business 31 08:50

  • Apple stock falls to 63 per cent of all-time high

    Share price fall catches up with other hi-tech stocks

    Business 31 08:52

  • Help Big Brother catch benefit cheats

    Grass up your neighbours online

    Business 31 08:54

  • Domain name rush causes first balance of payments crisis

    OK, so we are exaggerating a little

    Business 31 08:54

  • MS leaking Sun code three times entirely accidental – judge

    At last! Somebody thinks the high command isn't sufficienty culpable

    Business 31 10:43

  • 3Com licenses Palm OS and Zen – and QNX

    Buzzword frenzy

    Business 31 10:58

  • Boffins pave way for optical transistor

    We can't make one, but we know what we'll be able to make it out of, researchers claim

    Business 31 11:33

  • Let the Freeserve sell-off begin

    Dixon to 'auction stake'

    Business 31 11:36

  • Surplus AMD suits find a new home

    Heartwarming tale from immodestly named new foundry

    Business 31 11:52

  • HP talks up e-speak

    Web standards too low-level

    Business 31 11:57

  • 365 losses surge

    Tales from The Bubble Economy

    Business 31 14:43

  • AT&T peddles porn

    We always knew there was something dodgy about them

    Business 31 14:43

  • Small Earthquake in Chile…

    We've wibbled and wibbled but there's not a lot on the wobbly Web at the moment

    Business 31 14:44

  • Geek pulls Net super babe

    Cindy Margolis gets bespectacled boys sweaty

    Business 31 14:44

  • CIX denies customers forced MD departure

    But promises to revise Ts&Cs

    Business 31 14:44

  • Euro MPs scrap anonymous email ban plan

    Onto the scrap heap

    Business 31 14:44

  • Toshiba euthanasia laptop goes on display

    Hit the space bar and end it all

    Business 31 14:44

  • Intel kills Celeron dead

    Overclocker's fave Mendocino not supported by next generation Chipzilla chipsets

    Business 31 15:29

  • Off Peak only: Freeserve touts unmetered access

    Launches tomorrow

    Business 31 15:29