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MS trial lawyer in legal action against Christie's, Sotheby's

David Boies, chosen by the National Law Journal as Lawyer of the Year and by the Department of Justice as lead trial counsel against Microsoft, is now also leading the charge in a class action against Sotheby's and Christie's. The two auction houses are alleged to have limited competition on commissions for both sellers and buyers for most of the 1990s. The chairmen of both companies have resigned.
Graham Lea, 31 May 2000

Apple stock falls to 63 per cent of all-time high

Apple's share price closed at $86.375 - way down on the $140-plus peak it hit back in late March. Trading opened today at $87.625.
Tony Smith, 31 May 2000

Help Big Brother catch benefit cheats

The Department of Social Security is taking its grass-up- benefit-cheats campaign onto the Internet.
Drew Cullen, 31 May 2000

Domain name rush causes first balance of payments crisis

A leading Korean newspaper is blaming massive dollar outflows in Korea on 'cybersquatters'
Drew Cullen, 31 May 2000

MS leaking Sun code three times entirely accidental – judge

MS on TrialThe contractual aspects of the Sun-Microsoft Java squabble have resulted in another ruling by Judge Whyte, but neither side is cheering about it. In making his ruling that Sun is not entitled to $35 million in liquidated damages for Microsoft having "inadvertently" made Java source code available on its web site, the judge has set a date on which he intends to set a date for the main trial (no, really). At that hearing, expert witness names will have to be disclosed, and dates set for a cut-off for facts and expert discovery.
Graham Lea, 31 May 2000

3Com licenses Palm OS and Zen – and QNX

3Com's "bigger than Palm" Internet appliance will use Palm technology, the comms giant admitted yesterday.
Tony Smith, 31 May 2000

Boffins pave way for optical transistor

A pair of scientists at the University of Toronto have developed what appears to be the world's first silicon-based optical transistor - or at least a substance could be used to make one.
Tony Smith, 31 May 2000

Let the Freeserve sell-off begin

Dixons refuses to be drawn on whether it is preparing to sell-off its majority holding in its monster ISP, Freeserve, despite mounting market speculation that something is in the offing.
Tim Richardson, 31 May 2000

Surplus AMD suits find a new home

Former AMD boss Atiq Raza and a bunch of his mates have set up a Silicon Valley incubator company to help start-ups in the networking and communications chips markets.
Andrew Thomas, 31 May 2000

HP talks up e-speak

e-speak, the software with the Orwellian name, has a history that goes back to the mid-90s, when a handful of Hewlett-Packard engineers were trying to find a way to get a computer to deal with new kinds of things, like an audio stream, without waiting for the next release of the operating system.
Valerie Thompson, 31 May 2000

365 losses surge

365 Corporation saw pre-tax losses surge to 14.8 million for the year ended 31 March.
Team Register, 31 May 2000

AT&T peddles porn

AT&T is to carry The Hot Network - a hardcore adult move channel - and take a fat load of money with it. Digital TV is a costly affair and so the company has turned to man's (and woman's) baser instincts to get some much-needed cash. Family-friendly companies Time and Warner turned the deal down.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 May 2000

Small Earthquake in Chile…

Not a whole shedload of stuff to point you good folks at today. Over at Chip (OK now, Daniel?) there's a look at a prototype of ATI's Radeon chip,
Andrew Thomas, 31 May 2000

Geek pulls Net super babe

It's every geek's dream - build a Web site, make lots of money and sit back while the supermodels come to you. Well, mygeek.com appears to have pulled it off.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 May 2000

CIX denies customers forced MD departure

CIX, the ISP under attack from its customers for imposing punitive new terms and conditions, has a new managing director.
Tim Richardson, 31 May 2000

Euro MPs scrap anonymous email ban plan

European politicians have scrapped a plan to ban anonymous e-mail, as predicted by The Register earlier this month.
Tim Richardson, 31 May 2000

Toshiba euthanasia laptop goes on display

A Toshiba laptop used to kill humans is to go on show in London.
Linda Harrison, 31 May 2000

Intel kills Celeron dead

If one were to ask Intel:
Andrew Thomas, 31 May 2000

Off Peak only: Freeserve touts unmetered access

Monster ISP Freeserve is to offer unmetered off-peak Net access from tomorrow.
Tim Richardson, 31 May 2000

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