30th May 2000 Archive

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  • Windows sliced and diced by Labour Day?

    'Embrace and Extend' could meet a sticky end

    Business 30 May 09:48

  • MS, DoJ, States, Jackson: the arguments in full

    Blockbuster from Graham on Wednesday's court hearing

    Business 30 May 09:48

  • MS ‘due process’ denial claim called hogwash

    Only O J Simpson had as much

    Business 30 May 09:48

  • DoJ sticks to its guns, MS sentence looms

    All over bar the shooting? And the appeals...

    Business 30 May 09:48

  • Gates rails at ‘proprietary Symbian’, looks for the insanity defence

    Gates - We shall fight them with patents: OFFICIAL

    Business 30 May 09:48

  • Mobile networks to double per user revenue with 3G – Nokia

    Read on to find why they don't think your bills will double, then further on to find why they will

    Business 30 May 09:51

  • E-buy.com owner rejects 4.7m offer for domain name

    Is he mad?

    Business 30 May 09:59

  • Cyberchump trader buys $90bn in Sony stock by mistake

    There goes the annual bonus...

    Business 30 May 11:22

  • Pokemon death threat auction terror

    And it's got nothing to do eBay

    Business 30 May 12:04

  • GPRS broadband wireless not so fast after all, says Nokia

    Press shouldn't have believed claims of 100kbps made by the likes of... er... Nokia

    Business 30 May 12:23