26th May 2000 Archive

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  • Web to rescue the British corner shop

    Drop-off points

    Business 26 09:41

  • Jeanette Winterson wins back kidnapped domain name

    Cybersquatter given ten days to hand it over

    Business 26 09:41

  • Freecom, Oneview fight ends with three dead

    Oh to have been a fly on the wall

    Business 26 09:41

  • IBM makes NUMA Linux-friendly

    And not the other way around

    Business 26 09:41

  • Cable blunder cuts off 2500 BT customers

    Severance pay in prospect?

    Business 26 09:41

  • Samsung to co-develop Linux Alpha supercomputer

    Cluster-in-a-box, apparently

    Business 26 11:56

  • 3dfx rejigs Voodoo 5 release schedule

    5500 AGP version delayed for extra testing after 'field failures'

    Business 26 12:09

  • Dataquest confirms PC not going out of fashion

    Germans lead the way

    Business 26 15:40

  • VIA apologises for Nazi gaffe

    No offence intended

    Business 26 15:40

  • Gateway doubles the AMD mix

    Filling the consumer space

    Business 26 15:40

  • Volvo lover faces jail over online blackmail allegations

    No more logging on allowed

    Business 26 15:40

  • Big Blue to update non-POWER PowerPC line

    Summertime launches for 700MHz G3, upgraded system-on-a-chip PPC 705

    Business 26 16:08

  • Indie label sues MP3.com for copyright theft

    Net music company seen as soft touch after RIAA verdict?

    Business 26 16:27

  • boo.com to start selling clogs?

    Dutch ISP in 'exclusive negotiations'

    Business 26 17:34

  • Net community goes spud crazy

    Sir Walter Raleigh would have been proud

    Business 26 22:01