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Web to rescue the British corner shop

The Internet is jumping to the rescue of the corner shop.
Linda Harrison, 26 May 2000

Jeanette Winterson wins back kidnapped domain name

Novelist Jeanette Winterson has won back her dotcom after it was "kidnapped" by a Cambridge academic.
Linda Harrison, 26 May 2000

Freecom, Oneview fight ends with three dead

With numbers-obsessed financial reporting, you'd be forgiven for forgetting it's real people that make the decisions behind the never-ending trail of acquisitions and mergers. With Freecom.net and Oneview.net's planned merger, you weren't allowed to forget.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 May 2000

IBM makes NUMA Linux-friendly

IBM blew some dry ice over its Unix roadmap this week, which we're only too happy to blow away again. Big Blue announced NUMA-Q E-410 servers earlier this week, updating the range it acquired along with Sequent. But that wasn't really the problem. No, it's the Linux spin which IBM feels obliged to sprinkle on all its announcements these days that's the problem.
Annie Kermath, 26 May 2000

Cable blunder cuts off 2500 BT customers

Around 2500 BT customers were left without a telephone service after a cable-cutting blunder.
Linda Harrison, 26 May 2000

Samsung to co-develop Linux Alpha supercomputer

Korea's Samsung, Zion Linux Systems, and the Korea Research and Development Information Center are to co-developer a supercomputer based on the open source operating system and the Alpha CPU.
Tony Smith, 26 May 2000

3dfx rejigs Voodoo 5 release schedule

3dfx has been forced to delay the widespread roll-out of its top end Voodoo 5 graphics accelerator, the 5500 AGP.
Tony Smith, 26 May 2000

Dataquest confirms PC not going out of fashion

PC shipments in Western Europe look set to grow by 47 per cent over the next five years.
Linda Harrison, 26 May 2000

VIA apologises for Nazi gaffe

As we predicted yesterday, VIA has today confirmed that it is dropping the initials KZ from its forthcoming Socket A chipset, due to unfortunate connotations with Nazi concentration camps. The product will henceforth be known as the VIA Apollo KT133.
Andrew Thomas, 26 May 2000

Gateway doubles the AMD mix

Gateway plans to double the amount of chips it buys from AMD due to Intel's product dearth.
Linda Harrison, 26 May 2000

Volvo lover faces jail over online blackmail allegations

A Volvo lover may be looking at two years in jail after trying to blackmail an online publisher for one of the Swedish vehicles.
Linda Harrison, 26 May 2000

Big Blue to update non-POWER PowerPC line

IBM is set this summer to revitalise the side of its PowerPC CPU line that's not geared towards the company's traditional server and high-end workstation markets.
Tony Smith, 26 May 2000

Indie label sues MP3.com for copyright theft

Internet music company MP3.com is once again being sued for copyright infringement, though this time the word 'copycat' is probably more appropriate than 'copyright'.
Tony Smith, 26 May 2000

boo.com to start selling clogs?

boo.com could be falling into Dutch hands as negotiations to buy the stricken online sports gear e-tailer drag on.
Linda Harrison, 26 May 2000

Net community goes spud crazy

We ran a story on Thursday pointing out that the BBC, Slashdot and God knows who else had been duped into believing that 12 potatoes could run a Web server for several days at a time. BBC, Slashdot mashed by spud pranksters obviously struck a nerve and we updated the story with yet more suckered sites several hours later.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 May 2000

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