25th May 2000 Archive

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  • Judge Jackson tames the Beast

    How about a three-piece Microsoft?

    Business 25 09:45

  • OK, but who gets to keep Flight Simulator?

    The software trades make hay in May

    Business 25 09:45

  • What the Hell is… Intel Online?

    It took three gos to find out but we've got it

    Business 25 09:45

  • South African man shoots PC

    Extreme IT rage grips former Apartheid-riddled country

    Business 25 09:45

  • IO, IO, it's off to Zion we go

    PCI-X and other mysteries

    Business 25 09:50

  • The Beast whinges


    Business 25 09:55

  • ATI says expect Q3 loss

    Margins plummet on global component shortage

    Business 25 11:28

  • Intel: Who exactly is running the show?

    Lights on, nobody home

    Business 25 11:36

  • Ace-quote.com sold for cash

    DM85 million to you, squire

    Business 25 14:13

  • Chipzilla chops Xeon pricing in half

    Readying the world for Itanium?

    Business 25 14:13

  • MS Love Bug patch catches flak

    Upgrades all round before you can run it

    Business 25 14:13

  • VA Linux revenue grows over 700 per cent

    Loss widens over 600 per cent

    Business 25 14:16

  • The three flavours of Intel's Willamette chip

    And the sad truth about the 1GHz CuMine III

    Business 25 17:04

  • Harvard dropout Gates achieves double doctordom

    In humanities, but it's just the category name...

    Business 25 17:06