24th May 2000 Archive

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  • Slashdot gives Microsoft lawyers the bum's rush

    Playing to the gallery? Now where did they get that idea from...

    Business 24 May 12:10

  • ‘Pissy emails from billg’ – MS exec sinks teeth into Gates

    The man who launched Win95 wasn't happy, apparently...

    Business 24 May 12:10

  • Interplay games system builders play

    Moves catalogue online

    Business 24 May 12:10

  • Apple backtracks on pre-installing MacOS X

    Next-gen OS now to be an option for new Macs, not the standard

    Business 24 May 12:10

  • Microsoft's Bauer gets a suntan with The Register

    Get out of consumer business, he says

    Business 24 May 12:10

  • War on drugs might promote sneak computer searches

    CESA resurrected

    Business 24 May 12:10

  • McAfee anti-virus enables employee monitoring

    Big Brother signs your pay cheque, after all

    Business 24 May 12:10

  • MS releases CE3, announces new appliance kits

    Let's take that roadmap from the top...

    Business 24 May 12:10

  • Germany unshreds Stasi spy history

    Piecing together torn documents

    Business 24 May 12:10

  • BOFH for hire on Starship Enterprise

    The episode you never saw

    BOFH 24 May 12:11

  • AMD's Huff puffs DDR at memory love-in

    Two-way multiprocessing solution four months away

    Business 24 May 12:11

  • Intel roadmap times, they are a changin'

    Celeron 633MHz/666MHz go on sale, Willamette's two flavours

    Business 24 May 12:11

  • Via-AMD chipsets set to enter mass production

    Thunderbird and lightning... mama mia, mama mia

    Business 24 May 12:11

  • Intel's view on double data rate memory…

    ...it's kind of a throwaway thing

    Business 24 May 12:11

  • Intel's pricing, May to September

    Cockaleekie soup for mobiles, desktops, Celerons and Xeons

    Channel 24 May 12:11

  • AMD's 1.1GHz T'bird to debut Q3

    We do our wibbly Web collywobbles thing

    Hardware Roundup 24 May 12:12

  • Intel's Cape Cod fishy smell – official

    It's the Dear John letter from Satan Clara

    Business 24 May 12:12

  • Kingston spins off storage unit

    Memory isn't made of this

    Business 24 May 12:12

  • Reading The Internet Start-Up Bible

    Useful checklist for dotcom wannabes

    Business 24 May 12:12

  • You're the Won that I want

    Portal for game play launches in UK

    Business 24 May 12:13

  • Two million oglers share Victoria's Secrets

    That warm and fuzzy image

    Business 24 May 12:13

  • Dotcom UK slams e-commerce minister's performance

    A whopping seven per cent think she's doing a good job

    Business 24 May 12:13

  • Hull to wire entire city to the Net

    Still won't make it wired capital of Europe

    Business 24 May 12:13

  • FTC to ask Congress for Net-privacy oversight power

    In an election year... surely you jest

    Business 24 May 12:13

  • You can have it all with ideas commune

    Enlightenment for entrepreneurs

    Business 24 May 12:13

  • Telewest signs up with world+dead dog

    Who hasn't they 'partnered' with?

    Business 24 May 12:13

  • Bonfield tells the world BT is dying

    Still smiling after 4.6 billion goes down the toilet

    Business 24 May 12:13

  • CPU price war totally out of control down under

    Get your free Pentium IIIs here, folks

    Bootnotes 24 May 12:13

  • Dr Spinola's PR masterclass

    Listen up, all you bunnies

    Bootnotes 24 May 12:13

  • Europe IT trade forum on the cards

    Lobbying, yes: buying, no

    Business 24 May 12:13

  • MS opens NexGen Windows Megaservices kimono

    It's a media properties give-away

    Business 24 May 12:17

  • Linux is more popular than sex

    Feeling frisky? P-p-p-pick up a penguin

    Business 24 May 12:19

  • Can Schmidt fix Novell – again?

    The Win2k effect is by no means the whole story of Novell's woes

    Business 24 May 12:24

  • Time Warner caught in ham-fisted DSL scam

    Industrial espionage from the Beavis and Butthead school of management

    Business 24 May 12:24

  • Intel's cunning server plans

    Cashcades, Foster, Itanium, Colusa. Oh god, you figure it out

    Business 24 May 12:24

  • Microsoft partner offers broadband satellite access in Europe

    Rollout promised by year end

    Business 24 May 15:30

  • Windows ME on target for mid-June completion

    Shock, horror: Microsoft OS division gets it right...

    Business 24 May 15:31

  • WH Smith Online crashes after server theft

    Now that's what we call security

    Business 24 May 15:31

  • The NTL customer backlash starts here

    Register readers weigh in

    Business 24 May 16:04

  • The Reg vulture, meaning of BOFH and spam

    More letters from our bulging email bag

    Letters 24 May 16:04

  • NTL ‘enters race for Freeserve’

    Joins T-Online at starter's gate

    Business 24 May 16:04

  • BabeWatch at Internet World

    Kieren and Tim exceed their brief

    Bootnotes 24 May 16:04

  • Internet World: there's no business in show business

    Hostility suites are empty

    Bootnotes 24 May 16:04

  • Man arrested after military laptop theft tabloid pitch

    Fighter aircraft details

    Business 24 May 16:05

  • Caminogate recall – read the small print

    All Rambus is equal, but some is more equal than others

    Business 24 May 16:05

  • France name-all-Web posters law inches to statute books

    What have you got to hide, anyway?

    Business 24 May 16:05