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Slashdot gives Microsoft lawyers the bum's rush

Andover.Net lawyers acting for Slashdot have raised a theatrical two fingers to Microsoft, setting the stage for yet another test case under the recently passed Digital Media Copyright Act.
Annie Kermath, 24 May 2000

‘Pissy emails from billg’ – MS exec sinks teeth into Gates

MS on TrialAn astonishing email from former Microsoft top exec Brad Silverberg suggests that at least elements of the Microsoft High Command wanted the company to split off its OS and apps businesses more formally. And stranger still, the email was written in February 1999, when trial proceedings were already heating up.
John Lettice, 24 May 2000

Interplay games system builders play

California-based company Interplay OEM is to start selling games online to smaller UK system builders next month.
Linda Harrison, 24 May 2000

Apple backtracks on pre-installing MacOS X

Apple will not pre-install Mac OS X on new Mac hardware next January after all - despite CEO Steve Jobs' promise, made earlier this year, that the next-generation operating system will become Apple's standard OS early 2001.
Tony Smith, 24 May 2000

Microsoft's Bauer gets a suntan with The Register

Thomas Bauer, Microsoft regional OEM director for EMEA, took time out from the Integrator Forum Europe 2000 in Monte Carlo to tell Linda Harrison why system builders need to quit the consumer market, and about the vendor's plans for its tier II OEMs.
Linda Harrison, 24 May 2000

War on drugs might promote sneak computer searches

Provisions enabling the Feds to conduct secret searches, primarily in cases of suspected cyber-crimes, are being interlaced with several bills pending before Congress, the Centre for Democracy and Technology (CDT) noted in e-mail correspondence with Hacker News Network.
Thomas C Greene, 24 May 2000

McAfee anti-virus enables employee monitoring

Network Associates anti-virus division McAfee has decided to stop scanning for a Trojan called NetBus Pro, made by UltraAccess Networks, which allows a third party to invade and take complete control over someone else's computer.
Thomas C Greene, 24 May 2000

MS releases CE3, announces new appliance kits

Windows' embedded Czar has been trying to tidy up Microsoft's OS strategy. This was formally unveiled at the WinHEC conference last month, but as we reported earlier this doesn't seem to have left the target audience much clearer. Today Bengt Akerlind, VP for Embedded Products, had another go, and threw some new ingredients into the mix.
Annie Kermath, 24 May 2000

Germany unshreds Stasi spy history

In the final days of the DDR, employees of the STASI tried to destroy decades worth of files.
Valerie Thompson, 24 May 2000

BOFH for hire on Starship Enterprise

Episode 19BOFH2000: Episode 19 (THE EPISODE YOU NEVER SAW)
Simon Travaglia, 24 May 2000

AMD's Huff puffs DDR at memory love-in

Chip contender AMD is a Rambus licensee but is still showing reluctance to demo products that use this memory technology.
Mike Magee, 24 May 2000

Intel roadmap times, they are a changin'

Intel has now bunged its boxed desktop processor customers its latest roadmap, which extends up to the end of this year.
Mike Magee, 24 May 2000

Via-AMD chipsets set to enter mass production

The KZ133 chipset from Via, a Socket A solution which supports AMD's up-and-coming Thunderbird microprocessor are expected to go into mass production at the end of this month, insiders in Taiwan told The Register today.
Mike Magee, 24 May 2000

Intel's view on double data rate memory…

The same roadmap we saw two days ago which revealed the price of Merced (Itanium) chips has also revealed Intel's view about double date rate memory (DDR).
Mike Magee, 24 May 2000

Intel's pricing, May to September

There's some solid chunks of meat in this Intel broth and the positioning of processors, whether they be for mobile, desktop or server chips, speaks volumes for the firm's response to competition. Intel, no doubt, hopes that its strategic pricing will not only speak volumes to its customers, but sell volumes too. All prices below relate to tray product bought in 1000s.
Mike Magee, 24 May 2000

AMD's 1.1GHz T'bird to debut Q3

At Ace's Hardware there is a link to PC Watch Japan which gives details of AMD's roadmap. AMD will challenge little Intel's Willamette by releasing a 1.5GHz processor next January, the article iterates.
Mike Magee, 24 May 2000

Intel's Cape Cod fishy smell – official

Whenever a reseller or distributor gets a letter from Intel starting off with the words Dear Valued Customer, she or he expects trouble. And so it proved when they received the following missive from Satan Clara notifying them of a certain Coddish stink coming from the CC820. Here is the letter the channel got, reproduced in full.
Team Register, 24 May 2000

Kingston spins off storage unit

Kingston Technology, better known for its memory products than the storage solutions it offers, is to spin off its storage product division on 1 June, with the name StorCase.
Mike Magee, 24 May 2000

Reading The Internet Start-Up Bible

From time to time, I am mistakenly asked for advice on how to set up an Internet business.
Drew Cullen, 24 May 2000

You're the Won that I want

Gaming portal Won.net is launching in the UK (and France and Germany). Boasting 40 online games, the Sierra-owned company is currently pushing the "casual" side of gaming - you know, chess, backgammon et al - but, of course, has thrown in Net favourites like Half-Life and Quake.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 May 2000

Two million oglers share Victoria's Secrets

Two million people ogled at the secrets of Victoria the other night as the world's top supermodels strutted their stuff on a Cannes catwalk wearing little more than a smile.
Tim Richardson, 24 May 2000

Dotcom UK slams e-commerce minister's performance

British dotcoms are deeply dissatisfied with the Government's handling of the new economy, according to a survey published ahead of next week's Internet World UK 2000 exhibition and conference.
Tim Richardson, 24 May 2000

Hull to wire entire city to the Net

Officials in Kingston upon Hull want to give everyone in the city access to the Net.
Tim Richardson, 24 May 2000

FTC to ask Congress for Net-privacy oversight power

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has at long last come to grasp what everyone else has known for years: that e-commerce remains belligerently unwilling to regulate itself and provide consumers with even a modicum of on-line privacy protection.
Thomas C Greene, 24 May 2000

You can have it all with ideas commune

A thousand thanks to Web-Intelligence Worldwide for adding spirituality to an otherwise soulless Internet World show.
Tim Richardson, 24 May 2000

Telewest signs up with world+dead dog

Telewest has announced a massive list of sign-ups to its interactive TV service, including CNN, Interflora, Lunn Poly, Tie Rack etc etc. Strangely it has also joined up with Boo.com - which was flushed down the dotcom toilet just yesterday - but then what has the Internet ever had to do with timely information?
Kieren McCarthy, 24 May 2000

Bonfield tells the world BT is dying

British Telecom announced a 32 per cent fall in full-year profits yesterday, sparking a slump in its share price. Shares fell 70p to 922p, wiping 4.6 billion off the company's value.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 May 2000

CPU price war totally out of control down under

Bargain of the week has to come from Sydney, Australia computer store Arcco, advertising the Intel Pentium III 650MHz for a low, low price - Aus$0.00.
Team Register, 24 May 2000

Dr Spinola's PR masterclass

Dr Spinola, 24 May 2000

Europe IT trade forum on the cards

Keith Warburton, director of UK trade group the Personal Computer Association, will tomorrow unleash his plans to take over the world - well, Europe at least.
Linda Harrison, 24 May 2000

MS opens NexGen Windows Megaservices kimono

Microsoft has discovered a way to recoup its expensive investments in media content in the late 90s. It's going to give them away as part of the 'megaservices' concept to be made flesh at its Next Generation Windows Services, or NGWS strategy launch next week.
Annie Kermath, 24 May 2000

Linux is more popular than sex

Our thanks go out to Register reader Gunnar Isaksson who wrote in to inform us of the "unscientifical investigation" he has carried out into the growing popularity of Linux.
Sean Fleming, 24 May 2000

Can Schmidt fix Novell – again?

Novell's second quarter results don't tell the whole story about what is happening in the company, the current issues that resulted in the profits warning of 2 May, and the savage decline in the share price. The outcome was as forecast earlier in the month, with revenue of $302 million and earnings per share of 9 cents beating the 8 cents forecast. In both the previous quarter and the year-earlier quarter, revenue was $316 million, so the downturn is not really so great. Net income was $31 million, down from $34.5 million in the previous quarter.
Graham Lea, 24 May 2000

Time Warner caught in ham-fisted DSL scam

In a comically oafish effort to probe the enemy's strengths and weaknesses, media behemoth Time Warner circulated a flyer among its Texas-area employees urging them to place orders for DSL service from competitor Southwestern Bell, the New York Times reports.
Thomas C Greene, 24 May 2000

Intel's cunning server plans

PC customers and companies attempting to plan their server strategy over the next 18 months had better get their thinking caps on, judging from an Intel roadmap we viewed earlier on this week.
Mike Magee, 24 May 2000

Microsoft partner offers broadband satellite access in Europe

The company Microsoft teamed up with in order to deliver broadband satellite Internet access in the US by the end of this year has announced plans for a similar system in Europe, in the same timeframe. The 'M' word hasn't been mentioned in the European context yet, but it would seem logical for the deal to be extended, particularly as Microsoft doesn't like its partners playing fast and loose with rivals.
John Lettice, 24 May 2000

Windows ME on target for mid-June completion

Windows ME, aka Millennium Edition, has reached Release Candidate 1 stage, and is expected to RTM (Release to Manufacture) in the middle of June. Windows-watching sites are variously reporting the intended RTM as the 13th or the 14th, so presumably it's a 'push the button at midnight' job.
John Lettice, 24 May 2000

WH Smith Online crashes after server theft

Police are investigating a break in at it WH Smith Online's Oxfordshire base, following the alleged theft of two servers and a quantity of DVDs.
Tim Richardson, 24 May 2000

The NTL customer backlash starts here

"NTL - Technology and the Internet tamed". So says the company's TV and radio ads. Sean 'Anne Robinson' Fleming was stuck at home sorting out house problems and thought he'd get it to set up cable and TV in his new abode. Oh dear. The resulting story "Hi, thanks for calling NTL - we suck", struck a chord with readers and soon we were inundated with fellow sufferers. Just some of them are sampled below:
Team Register, 24 May 2000
grey vulture logo

The Reg vulture, meaning of BOFH and spam

Team Register, 24 May 2000

NTL ‘enters race for Freeserve’

Cable giant NTL is a "serious contender" to buy Freeserve, Britain's biggest consumer ISP, according to the Sunday Times.
Drew Cullen, 24 May 2000

BabeWatch at Internet World

Dawning as it did that there was no news to be had at the show (and even if there was, most stallholders wouldn't know what their product was), it seemed only right to tell readers how to get the most out of the show.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 May 2000

Internet World: there's no business in show business

The first day of the Internet World 2000 show has been a bit of a mixed bag.
Tim Richardson, 24 May 2000

Man arrested after military laptop theft tabloid pitch

A man has been held in connection with the theft of a military laptop, following an attempt to sell its secrets to a tabloid newspaper for 15,000.
Drew Cullen, 24 May 2000

Caminogate recall – read the small print

The news that Intel is to offer either PC700 or PC800 Rambus to Cape Cod mobo owners would appear to be a generous offer, as cynics have been claiming only feeble PC600 RIMMs would be available.
Andrew Thomas, 24 May 2000

France name-all-Web posters law inches to statute books

France is a step closer to introducing legislation that would prevent Net users from publishing items on the Web anonymously.
Tim Richardson, 24 May 2000

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