23rd May 2000 Archive

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  • Microsoft’s embedded OS free-for-all

    But which one is driving up the evolutionary cul-de-sac?

    Business 23 09:37

  • WAP was the week that was

    1000 tiny announcements rolled into one

    Business 23 09:38

  • On the buses: this week's most stupid Web idea

    And its only Tuesday. Where does this stuff come from?

    Business 23 09:38

  • BMW just can't let go of Rover

    Woof woof goes Reg Web watchdog

    Business 23 09:38

  • Itanium prices, specs revealed

    The mamma and pappa of leakdom starts: $4000 for an 800MHz chip!

    Business 23 09:43

  • Intel Celeron to die Q1 next year

    AMD threat means merger of biz, consumer lines

    Business 23 09:46

  • Unusual top end device emerges

    The wonders of IBM's intellectual property site

    Bootnotes 23 09:55

  • Don't break up Microsoft, said DoJ – MS counter attacks

    No legal significance, but red faces all round

    Business 23 09:55

  • UK Intel server farm opens for business

    But what x86 flavour are the mangelwurzels?

    Business 23 10:14

  • Perfect toast, perfect showers, credit card screens and gleaming spires

    Welcome to the Aladdin's Cave that is Cambridge Consulting

    Business 23 13:19

  • Compaq lashes Sun for misleading customers

    NT for Alpha will never return from grave

    Business 23 13:19

  • Apple stamps on iPalm speculation

    Exec oddly ignores companies ingrained 'no comment' policy. Curious, no?

    Business 23 13:19

  • Socket A boards emerge

    Wobbling around the wibbly Web

    Business 23 13:19

  • Maxdata recalls faulty monitors

    Early demise expected thanks to dodgy component

    Business 23 13:19

  • Stamp collecting more popular than Internet World

    Philately crowds swamp Net venue

    Business 23 13:19

  • Models wearing computers strut the catwalk

    London premiere for Brave New Unwired World Collection

    Business 23 13:19

  • Tony Blair gets Phony Blair look and feel

    How to spin and manipulate the prime minister

    Business 23 13:20

  • Telcos ‘doomed’ claims ‘virtual comms provider’

    Comms and Net access cheaper through brokers, reckons a broker

    Business 23 13:20

  • Vodafone + Vivendi =VIZZAVI

    It's a portal

    Business 23 13:20

  • Intel, Mitsubishi coy on cellular devices

    Not that we mind speculating

    Business 23 13:20

  • Mobile phones more efficient than anyone thought

    Don't worry about first-hand experience, Oftel always tells the truth

    Business 23 13:20

  • Cable & Wireless comes out of hiding

    Dull but worthy new idea. But will it work

    Business 23 13:20

  • Corel, Inprise/Borland call off merger

    It's all over - bar the shouting, of course

    Business 23 13:21

  • Miners and homeless to fill UK IT skills shortage

    Want to know how much a daft plan costs these days?

    Business 23 13:21

  • Silicon Valley techs play the race card

    California ber alles

    Business 23 13:21

  • New Microsoft Outlook worm fizzles

    Anti-virus vendors disappointed

    Business 23 13:21

  • Two hundred system builders go crazy in Monte Carlo

    Anything could happen...

    Business 23 13:21

  • Scantily clad Brazilian dancers spice up Integrator Forum

    Logitech pulls out all the stops

    Business 23 13:21

  • Coming soon: PC-150 SDRAM

    It's wibbly, it's wobbly, it's webby, etc, etc

    Business 23 13:21

  • It's Monty Python's flying Rambusss…

    Wobbling around the wibbly Web

    Business 23 13:21

  • Intel misjudgements to slow PC growth

    Compaq set to make hay as world consumption changes

    Business 23 13:21

  • Next Generation MSN UI from Mars is about to beam down

    Consumers to gain easy access to tons of integrated (Microsoft) services and software...

    Business 23 15:27