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Microsoft’s embedded OS free-for-all

Microsoft is thumping the tub for both of its embedded operating systems at the Applied Computing conference in Santa Clara this week. But judging by attendees' confusion, Microsoft might be wise to not to exhibit the two under the same roof again.
Annie Kermath, 23 May 2000

WAP was the week that was

Although no one seems to know what the hell is going on in the WAP world, researchers Ovum warn us that there isn't much time to get whatever you're doing right. Ovum has offered some beautifully long-winded sentences to explain what we all knew anyway.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 May 2000

On the buses: this week's most stupid Web idea

Following the sewage stream of Net ideas (often from reputable companies) is like watching an episode of Alan Partridge ("Arm Wrestling with Chas and Dave? Inner-City Sumo? Cooking in prison? Youth Hosteling with Chris Eubank? Monkey tennis?"*).
Kieren McCarthy, 23 May 2000

BMW just can't let go of Rover

While most have learnt that with instantaneous Net technology, a poorly updated website can look unprofessional, BMW still hasn't got around to updating (that is dissolving) its rovergroup site. Even though it sold Rover for just 10 two weeks ago.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 May 2000

Itanium prices, specs revealed

Just to show that Intel treats everyone differently, here we embark on the first story of many over the next day or two about the future plans Chipzilla has in store for us.
Mike Magee, 23 May 2000

Intel Celeron to die Q1 next year

An Intel roadmap seen by The Register indicates that the Celeron processor will shuffle off its mortal coil towards the end of the first quarter next year, displaced by the system-on-the-chip solution codenamed Timna.
Mike Magee, 23 May 2000

Unusual top end device emerges

Thanks to a reader on our bulletin board for posting a link to a very unusual patent on IBM's wondrous intellectual property site.
Adamson Rust, 23 May 2000

Don't break up Microsoft, said DoJ – MS counter attacks

MS on TrialMicrosoft has fingered an embarrassing episode in the DoJ's history - the time when the DoJ vigorously opposed a call for the break-up of Microsoft. In extraordinary circumstances, both Microsoft and the DoJ were once on the same side in 1994 opposing an amici memorandum submitted by lawyer Gary Reback of Wilson Sonsini on behalf of a number of unidentified clients (actually Apple, Sun, and Sybase, with informal support from Borland and Novell).
Graham Lea, 23 May 2000

UK Intel server farm opens for business

A giant server farm offering Web and application hosting services has opened for business in Reading, and run by Intel Online Services.
Mike Magee, 23 May 2000

Perfect toast, perfect showers, credit card screens and gleaming spires

Paul Brown's day was ruined one morning. He woke up, got dressed, put breakfast on, and was taking a shower when the smoke alarm sent a piercing squeal through the house. Not only was the noise unwelcome but the cause of it was supposed to be a perfectly grilled piece of bread. It was far from perfect. While his stomach grumbled on the way to work, Paul pondered how come man is still unable to accurately make toast (the irony of his name was not lost on him either). So when he arrived at work he invented the perfect toaster.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 May 2000

Compaq lashes Sun for misleading customers

AnalysisWhile Compaq remains confident that sales of its recently released high end Wildfire GS servers will achieve $1 billion worth of revenues, the firm said yesterday that large corporate customers were being misled by rival Sun about moving from existing platforms to their up-and-coming Serengeti boxes.
Mike Magee, 23 May 2000

Apple stamps on iPalm speculation

Now this is interesting: Apple's usual response to questions regarding its future product plans is a categorical 'we don't comment on unannounced product'. And yet here we have the company's senior VP for product marketing, Phil Schiller, apparently commenting on unannounced product.
Tony Smith, 23 May 2000

Socket A boards emerge

News at Ace's Hardware, that Socket A boards are mysteriously rising out of the deep in preparation for chips that will sit in them.
Mike Magee, 23 May 2000

Maxdata recalls faulty monitors

Monitor manufacturer Maxdata has issued a product recall notice on its Belinea 10 70 50 monitor.
Sean Fleming, 23 May 2000

Stamp collecting more popular than Internet World

Internet World 2000 kicked off this morning in London but you could be forgiven for thinking the trade show has been hijacked.
Tim Richardson, 23 May 2000

Models wearing computers strut the catwalk

Technology took to the catwalk this morning as models strutted their stuff wearing the latest gizmos fashioned by the very best in design.
Tim Richardson, 23 May 2000

Tony Blair gets Phony Blair look and feel

Despite being kept up all hours by the arrival of his New Labour baby Leo on Friday, UK prime minister Tony Blair is not escaping the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
Adamson Rust, 23 May 2000

Telcos ‘doomed’ claims ‘virtual comms provider’

Phone companies and ISPs seem to excel themselves in annoying their customers with poor service. But they may be cut out of the loop if new companies such as Unica, a London-based self-styled "virtual communications provider" succeed.
Elizabeth Biddlecombe, 23 May 2000

Vodafone + Vivendi =VIZZAVI

Europe is to get a new all-singing, all dancing portal.
Tim Richardson, 23 May 2000

Intel, Mitsubishi coy on cellular devices

In an intriguing announcement Intel says it will work with Mitubishi to produce chipsets for 3G mobile phones.
Annie Kermath, 23 May 2000

Mobile phones more efficient than anyone thought

Britain's four main mobile networks are 95 per cent efficient, according to winged watchdog Oftel.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 May 2000

Cable & Wireless comes out of hiding

Having spent the last year licking its wounds and thinking about the future, Cable & Wireless yesterday took the opportunity to map out its plans alongside its annual results.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 May 2000

Corel, Inprise/Borland call off merger

Corel and Inprise (the artist formerly known as Borland) have called off their merger.
Sean Fleming, 23 May 2000

Miners and homeless to fill UK IT skills shortage

In the coconut shy that is the UK Government's e-strategy, Michael Wills (technology minister) has tossed a 25 million computer training ball. This time he's really stretching himself and is trying to hit the endemic miner unemployment problem in Nottinghamshire and the homeless problem of London.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 May 2000

Silicon Valley techs play the race card

Pat Neal of CNN News today cited polls showing that "anti-immigrant feeling at its lowest point in decades" -- but that doesn't stop some from trying their worst.
Annie Kermath, 23 May 2000

New Microsoft Outlook worm fizzles

A malicious version of the 'Love Bug' Outlook worm, capable of destroying data on a victim's computer, has surfaced in Europe and the US but is not expected to infect a great number of victims.
Thomas C Greene, 23 May 2000

Two hundred system builders go crazy in Monte Carlo

A flock of system builders are set to descend on Monte Carlo this week to attend the Integrator Forum 2000.
Linda Harrison, 23 May 2000

Scantily clad Brazilian dancers spice up Integrator Forum

Proving there's no such thing as excess in Monte Carlo, Logitech flew a whole troop of scantily-clad Brazilian dancers in for this year's Integrator Forum. Stunned system builders watched as girls, kitted out stilletoes, black lacy shorts and cut-off vests with the slogan 'Black is beautiful' emblazoned accross their busts, pranced about on stage in yesterday's afternoon heat. Imagine the scene: to the same tune as that long forgotten summer ballad 'Un, dos, tres', a la South American crooner Ricky Martin, they whooped: "Lo-gi-tech Hardware portal to Internet Lo-gi-tech Add value to your PC Lo-gi-tech Hardware portal to Internet Lo-gi-tech Black is beautiful" And so it continued. They were soon joined by a fleet of drummers, acrobats and other singers who seemed to like nothing more than proclaiming the glories of this otherwise shy hardare manufacturer. Which was all well and good - made a change from the complicated video graphics and tepid glass of red wine that normally accompany these IT events, and the acrobats were excellent - but where oh where was the connection with building PCs? It seems Logitech wants to flog system builders its "Internet hardware portals" - that's mice and keyboards to those who missed this gala extraganza. And the "Black is Beautiful" link? The dancers were the same colour as the Logitech logo on its OEM computer products. Dubious connection, but it certainly seemed to work in grabbing the system builders' attention. ®
Linda Harrison, 23 May 2000

Coming soon: PC-150 SDRAM

Take a peek at VR-Zone where it says that PC-150 SDRAM using Tiny BGA DRAM Modules is coming RSN. The new PC-150 SDRAM uses the standard 168-pin DIMM and can support 150MHz FSB. This should be great news for overclockers who plan to get their systems running faster than 150MHz FSB which PC-133 SDRAM can't achieve. PC-150 SDRAM should be able to run at over 170MHz.
Andrew Thomas, 23 May 2000

It's Monty Python's flying Rambusss…

There's a piece over at Overclockers Com which looks at the close relationship between ze Willamette chip and ze Rambus technology. On the subject of Rambus, still, there is some considerable debate following a piece on Anandtech a couple of days back. Go here to read more.
Mike Magee, 23 May 2000

Intel misjudgements to slow PC growth

A report from FHI Research has pointed to continuing growth in the PC market, which could have amounted to 25 per cent this year were it not for the fact that Intel has mismanaged capacity during the course of the year.
Mike Magee, 23 May 2000

Next Generation MSN UI from Mars is about to beam down

The next Microsoft next generation product is Next Generation MSN, apparently, although as with Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS), this seems only to be a working title. The software will be released as a preview next week, and seems to be based on the Mars project, designed to give MSN users a more integrated, easier to use user interface.
John Lettice, 23 May 2000

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