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Compaq guy crowned Queen of the night

Compaq used to have a reputation for being big, boring and detached. Not any more.
Sean Fleming, 22 May 2000

Well done, Baby Blair cybersquatter

The Register tips its beak to Diana George for her barefaced cheek and outright opportunism for being the first to register the domain of Britain's most famous newborn.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2000

Boo: gloaters outnumber creditors

The vultures are gathering around the corpse of failed e-tailer boo.com - and it's not just the creditors looking to pick at the bones.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2000

Show Babes get Hardwire Review site sweaty

A policy of strong abuse to those who email The Reg publicising their own site has dissuaded most from wasting our time. However, there is the odd gem and GA-Hardware is one of these.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 May 2000

VC pumps $15m into Napster

Controversial software developer Napster is being taken over - indirectly - by US venture capital firm Hummer Winblad, it seems.
Tony Smith, 22 May 2000

eNormicom sweeps VultureTelligent™ Awards

Behold the single greatest contribution to e-commerce yet developed: a latch-key, synergistic, soup-to-nuts, interactive, step-by-step, on-line development consultancy called eNormicom, capable of transforming any honest bumpkin into a free-wheeling, BMW-driving, nineteen-year-old eNtrepreneur qualified to lead the unwashed masses through the Electronic Global Economy, onward, and steadily upward, ultimately to that Great Valhalla.com of the Future.
Bonhomie Snoutintroff, 22 May 2000

IBM launches shipping silicon-on-insulator CPUs

IBM today launched a line of new servers based on processors built using the company's silicon-on-insulator technology.
Tony Smith, 22 May 2000

MS sends in lawyers to stop ‘open’ SOAP info getting out

A phone call from a Microsoft lawyer earlier this month provided some more signposts as to how Microsoft intends to implement/embrace 'open' industry standards. Jason Bishop, who'd been involved in development of SOAP in his previous job as a contractor at Microsoft, was due to give a talk to the Seattle area Java-XML SIG, but immediately prior to his presentation he took the call, and was reminded that he was still covered by NDA.
John Lettice, 22 May 2000

Gov't tries to make IT projects run on time

The Government has published a report outlining 30 ways it can ensure major public sector IT projects go to plan - and to budget.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2000

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