19th May 2000 Archive

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  • MS Love Bug cure worse than the disease?

    It's sandbags at dawn...

    Business 19 09:23

  • Justice slams MS proposals for missing the point

    Rebuttal dismantles Microsoft case

    Business 19 09:23

  • Deadlier Love Bug variant spotted in wild

    Massive outbreak of Outlook patch downloading to ensue...

    Business 19 09:23

  • Dramurai™ Warriors say Intel's Rambus plans poo

    Where are those Asia-Pacific RIMMs?

    Business 19 09:32

  • ILOVEYOU BUG ‘hits Linux’

    Don't panic, it's a spoof

    Business 19 09:40

  • Fiji coup on the Web now

    State of emergency

    Business 19 09:45

  • Dell, Gateway biz models to face shortage crunch

    Compaq, HP, IBM to benefit

    Business 19 10:23

  • Sony hits PlayStation emulator developer with patent suit

    After Connectix' win, Sony turns to Bleem! again

    Business 19 10:23

  • Lawnmowers get web savvy

    Plug 'n' play triple blade mulchers all the rage, apparently

    Business 19 14:02

  • IBM power supplies are really hot stuff

    320,000 AC Adapters due for recall

    Business 19 14:02

  • LineOne boss ‘pursues opportunities elsewhere’

    Did he jump, or was he pushed?

    Business 19 15:07

  • John Lewis goes for Dixons' jugular

    Jealous lover fights for Packard Bell's attention

    Business 19 15:07

  • Intel spells out the future to SBs

    Claims shipments up 50 per cent

    Business 19 15:07

  • Compel share price halves

    Profit warning sends stock tumbling by half

    Business 19 15:07

  • Microsoft Tier II OEM direct plans revealed

    System builders spill the beans under the Monte Carlo sun

    Business 19 15:07

  • Disties squeal on Intel shortages

    Getting only a third of chips needed

    Business 19 15:07

  • Debian allowed to exhibit at UK's Linux Expo 2000

    Organiser makes room for non-profit organisations

    Business 19 15:07

  • BOFH discovers Voice Recognition

    Is it your floor that has the Gas Leak?

    BOFH 19 15:07

  • BOFH tracks down Arsonist

    ...and saves PFY's skin

    BOFH 19 15:08

  • BOFH plays with Maggot

    Pick a password. Any password

    BOFH 19 15:08

  • BOFH 1: TWAT O

    The Pedant's Guide to Computing Knowledge

    BOFH 19 15:08

  • Intel does u-turn on Willamette and synchronous DRAM

    So much for all that Yu stuff then

    Business 19 16:38

  • BOFH: agony uncle and bastard

    Revenge is a dish best eaten Vindaloo hot

    BOFH 19 16:51