18th May 2000 Archive

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  • OS bug survey shows Linux, Win NT in dead heat

    Vulnerability laurel wreath up for grabs this year

    Business 18 09:50

  • Bill Clinton associates Love Bug with terrorism

    Osama bin Ladin to visit an inbox near you soon

    Business 18 09:50

  • Love Bug suspects can't be charged

    State counsel says fraud law doesn't apply

    Business 18 09:50

  • Linux goes Big Iron

    Any old big iron?

    Business 18 09:50

  • L0pht uncovers Office 2000 ActiveX security hole

    And M$ shouts to all you lovely White Hats out there

    Business 18 09:50

  • Don't delay MS breakup, government tells judge

    Opens fire on Microsoft 'transparent' delaying tactics

    Business 18 09:50

  • Net privacy a tangled skein – FTC committee

    On the one hand; on the other hand...

    Business 18 09:50

  • Dobedo.com ruled offensive by watchdog

    And more tales from the murky world of IT advertising

    Business 18 09:50

  • SGI to shower shareholders with MIPS stock

    SGI to shower shareholders with MIPS stock

    Business 18 10:37

  • ICO emerges from Chapter 11…

    ...only to be subsumed by Teledesic real soon now

    Business 18 11:01

  • Sun hits back at Unix vendors' FUD

    WildFire is a Skoda, competitors running frit

    Business 18 11:03

  • FSA hit squad probes for dodgy financial sites

    Trying to mislead consumers?

    Business 18 11:05

  • Handspring files for cautious IPO

    Aims to raise over $190 million with eight per cent stake sale

    Business 18 11:43

  • MS claims breakup will kill next-generation Windows project

    But this time, it's possibly right

    Business 18 11:50

  • Dell plans for Red Hat Linux Itanium boxes get disappeared

    Shush - keep building them, but don't tell Bill

    Business 18 11:51

  • Fujitsu Siemens: ‘Everyone’ wants Win2k for IA-64

    No one interested in Monterey, apparently

    Business 18 12:02

  • New Rambus validation service from Kingston

    We know it's valid, how about making it cheaper?

    Business 18 14:00