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Leak! Human rights in China? Pah, says Intel

Mighty global corporation Intel is fervently behind the normalisation of trade with Red China, and is putting its considerable muscle behind a lobbying group which wants the US Congress to just say 'yes' on 22 May 22.
Mike Magee, 17 May 2000

Helen Thomas resigns as Moonies buy UPI

Breaking NewsWhite House press corps Dean and permanent fixture Helen Thomas resigned her post with the United Press International (UPI) wire service, for which she worked for 57 years, on news that a Unification Church affiliate - which also owns the transparently Right-Wing Washington Times newspaper - has bought UPI.
Thomas C Greene, 17 May 2000

So how much is Boo.com worth?

Boo.com is facing collapse, following the failure to complete a $30 million refinancing round, the FT reports.
Drew Cullen, 17 May 2000

AOL, IBM team up to sell electricity and gas

AOL and IBM are jumping into the deregulated US utility market. The pair are both allies in what they've called - with more than a nod to Prince - The New Power Company, created today with Enron, an energy wholesaler and broadband comms provider based in Houston Texas.
Annie Kermath, 17 May 2000

Women, mainstream feed Brit Net boom

A third of adults in Britain now use the Net - compared to a quarter just three months ago - according to the latest survey from Continental Research.
Tim Richardson, 17 May 2000

BT expels ADSL triallist

BT has defended its decision to expel one of its ADSL users after it claimed the triallist flouted the service's terms and conditions.
Tim Richardson, 17 May 2000

Terra buys Lycos in $12.5bn stock deal

Terra, Spain's biggest Internet business, is taking a huge leap onto the world stage with the $12.5 billion agreed takeover of Lycos.
Drew Cullen, 17 May 2000

Man killed as quake hits Taiwan

A minor earthquake hit Taiwan last night, killing one man and rekindling memories of last year's quake which brought the island to its knees and left almost 2500 people dead.
Sean Fleming, 17 May 2000

Asus under fire over Intel recall

Major Taiwanese mobo manufacturer Asus has clarified its position on the i820 recall forced on it because of Intel's little problem with the memory translator hub on synchronous memory boards.
Mike Magee, 17 May 2000

MacOS X ship date driven back to 2001

AnalysisApple's decision to put back the final release of MacOS X to January 2001 is a product slip, like it or not, but in this day and age, does that really matter all that much?
Tony Smith, 17 May 2000

PlayStation emulator creator defeats Sony – almost

Connectix has nearly won its battle with Sony over its PlayStation emulator, Virtual GameStation (VGS).
Tony Smith, 17 May 2000

What a bunch of anchors

A rather pompous half page ad in ZD's UK flagship, IT Week, puffs the excruciating ZDNet UK's AnchorDesk, billing it as "a wealth of free expertise just a click away". You will not be surprised to read that AnchorDesk UK is "informed, insider analysis" or that it is "written by the UK's most knowledgeable correspondents". We admit we were a tad surprised to discover that veteran US hack John Dvorak is British, but that's probably just down to ZDNet UK's legendary factual accuracy.
Team Register, 17 May 2000

Dell flogs PCs for day trade believers

Dell has launched a new line of PCs aimed at stealing the growing number of online share traders. The computers will come with trading software and "investor-specific features" - whatever the hell that means.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 May 2000

Transmeta Crusoe shrinks to 0.15 micron

Transmeta's Taiwanese fab partner, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TMSC), has begun sampling 0.15 micron Crusoe CPUs, according to Taiwan business paper the Commercial Times.
Tony Smith, 17 May 2000

Gov't site crashes under weight of public opinion

The Government's e-soapbox on its flagship Web site has collapsed under the weight of punters voicing their opinions on how the country is being run.
Tim Richardson, 17 May 2000

Bruised Novell plans one Net bounce back

Brainshare report"It's a new tactic of Microsoft to try to stop us," cried Novell's COO Stewart Nelson as the power for the whole city of Nice failed just before the start of Novell's Brainshare meeting. But it's not Microsoft that's Novell's problem right now; it's Novell's own failure to sell enough that is plaguing the company, as the recent profits warning showed. It seems that the pesky customers don't have problems that can only be sorted out by upgrading. Of course they're not deserting much either, but that's not much consolation.
Graham Lea, 17 May 2000

'Hi,thanks for calling NTL – we suck'

OpinionThey say that moving house is one of the most stressful events in your life and if - like me - you're in the middle of this ghastly process you'll know just how stressful it can become.
Sean Fleming, 17 May 2000

Page3 Girl Zooms into Internet World

MGI Software is to parade a top 'Page 3' girl at next week's Internet World 2000 show in a bid to make its products look more alluring.
Tim Richardson, 17 May 2000

Near-naked walking women action live on Net!

Victoria's Secret - the saucy but classy US lingerie maker - will be having a fun-filled fashion show in Cannes tomorrow. It's not much to get excited about - just hordes of beautiful women wearing nothing but the latest range of sexy lingerie walking up and down a catwalk one after the other.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 May 2000

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