16th May 2000 Archive

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  • Forget ‘e’ and ‘m’, p-commerce is the future – 'strewth

    What's the point in my Wap phone? No.32

    Business 16 10:47

  • Yahoo! sued for privacy invasion

    Users get the best privacy money can buy

    Business 16 10:47

  • 'America's Most Wanted' site said DoS'ed after cyber-crime broadcast

    Everyone's a critic

    Business 16 10:47

  • Eckhard Pfeiffer goes under QXL hammer

    Auction sites link up for European domination

    Business 16 10:47

  • Intel to drop prices on non-existent boxed chips

    The non-event happens at the end of May

    Business 16 10:48

  • Cape Cod not cold in its grave, but that doesn't stop new Intel mobo launch

    Great timing, guys

    Business 16 10:48

  • ACLU: Intel ‘violating free speech’

    That man Hamidi back to haunt Chipzilla again

    Business 16 10:48

  • Digital TV ‘threat to planet’

    Yippee, we're all gonna die!

    Business 16 10:48

  • Microsoft to patch Outlook

    Fewer options, but it's still about empowerment

    Business 16 10:48

  • Pope Jobs reveals third Macintosh secret

    September OS X deadline falls under hail of gunfire

    Business 16 10:48

  • E3 shows AMD, Intel games without frontiers

    Booth babes maybe, but AMD's in the trailer park

    Business 16 11:03

  • Caminogate recall: refund or replacement?

    Tricky decision - not

    Business 16 12:16

  • AOL to pay $3.5 million over accounting irregularities

    Profits should really have been losses after all

    Business 16 13:00

  • Windows developer update – APIs are MS confidential IP

    Ominous backtracking from Ballmer?

    Business 16 13:00

  • Office 2k for $5? How Microsoft buys its way into education

    Hook them with a cheap ELA, get them standardised, reel them in...

    Business 16 14:34

  • Government gets WIFfy in the midday sun

    Phew what a scorcher

    Business 16 14:34

  • CompuServe users fall through big hole in Net

    Outage puts service out of action in Europe

    Business 16 15:42

  • LineOne's Chowdhury resurfaces at NBCi

    You can't keep a good man down - nor a Jethro Tull fan

    Business 16 15:42