15th May 2000 Archive

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  • Boy tries to infect school with 256 viruses

    Beat on the brat with a baseball bat

    Business 15 May 10:07

  • L&H pins voice tech to Asian growth

    Cantonese and Mandarin mobiles on their mind

    Business 15 May 10:07

  • Pylonofthemonth.co.uk voted most yawnable Web site

    Duller than ditchwater. Oh, Yes

    Business 15 May 10:07

  • Thunderbirds, Durons are go…

    We wonder, lonely as a cloud

    Business 15 May 10:07

  • Industry, users to face Intel-Rambus Willamette duopoly

    The unholy, unwholesome charm of Romulus and Rambus

    Business 15 May 10:07

  • Valley votes against MS breakup – but IT doesn't

    Mixed messages from a poll of residents

    Business 15 May 10:14

  • IT staff shiftless crooks who can't get dates, say IT staff

    And my management doesn't understand me...

    Business 15 May 10:14

  • Intel dithers over i820 recall details

    Taiwanese mobo makers, others up in arms

    Business 15 May 10:14

  • Wildfire takes aim at Intel, Sun, IBM, HP's server pants

    Meanwhile, FTC lets Compaq off AMD fabbing hook

    Business 15 May 10:14

  • Write to reply – readers' letters

    It's the less insane version of Flame of the Week

    Letters 15 May 10:15

  • MS selling $10 Office 2k, testing Windows rental in colleges

    Rental pricing seems more than a little wonky though...

    Business 15 May 12:05

  • The Times takes liberties with surfing package

    How much? 600 a month for internet access? Do I look stupid?

    Business 15 May 12:12

  • G8 on cybercrime: jaw jaw or war war?

    Hawks expected to win out in the wake of Love Bug paranoia

    Business 15 May 12:12

  • So you want to be a support professional?

    Dr Spinola's top ten tips

    Business 15 May 12:12

  • Shame on The Register's support for Open Source

    Are we getting politically too correct for our Readers' good?

    Flame of the Week 15 May 12:43

  • US Trade Commission to revisit online privacy

    Maybe self-regulation isn't so rosy after all

    Letters 15 May 12:43

  • Reg names IT CEO of the Millennium

    This was a tough one...

    Letters 15 May 12:44

  • The Bat flies out of Microsoft hell

    Are you being swerved?

    Letters 15 May 12:44

  • Hardware Round-up Sites awash with AMD-Intel samples

    We take a decko at some sites about

    Letters 15 May 12:44

  • Register staff only fit to shovel s**t

    Readers gives us the (gold)finger

    Flame of the Week 15 May 12:47

  • Intel claims breakthrough on Pentium III speeds

    Engineers say they can beat the 800MHz barrier

    Channel 15 May 12:47

  • 1999 Reg Stories of the Year

    Some of the good, one of the bad and a few uglies

    Register Full Coverage 15 May 12:47

  • Register staff lackeys of Intel

    Reader shoots the Sherriff...

    Flame of the Week 15 May 12:48

  • Vodafone makes you an offer you can refuse

    A bargain that has more in common with the bizarre than the bazaar

    Data Networking 15 May 12:48

  • Register anti-American

    Spam, sort of...

    Flame of the Week 15 May 12:49

  • Register nothing but anti-Mac geeks

    'Wozniak' writes...

    Flame of the Week 15 May 12:49

  • Full Coverage Comdex Fall 99

    Our team bring you what's hot in Vegas

    Register Full Coverage 15 May 12:49

  • Compaq and C&W to reveal $500m SME deal

    Two IT mammoths chase the Holy Grail of fast growing markets

    Business 15 May 12:49

  • Wall St jittery on MS antitrust news

    NASDAQ up in spite of it all

    Software 15 May 12:50

  • MS anti-piracy tactics snare innocent dealers

    Unlevel playing field

    Software 15 May 12:50

  • Piracy redresses the balance

    Expect to see cheap software to match

    Software 15 May 12:50

  • Phillpott calls piracy kettle black

    Who are the pirates?

    Software 15 May 12:50

  • Stealing Microsoft software is wrong – but

    Register readers reply to MS reply to Register...

    Software 15 May 12:50

  • Register unoriginal, not funny

    Flame of the Week #1

    Flame of the Week 15 May 12:50

  • Y does not mean X : decoding the MS reply

    On the soap boax without a leg to stand on

    Software 15 May 12:51

  • How would Graham Lea like having his IP infringed?

    Register anti-piracy piece wrongheaded

    Software 15 May 12:51

  • Software piracy stops software development?

    So what about Linux

    Software 15 May 12:51

  • 'Virgin Mobile worth £1.4 billion without selling a single phone'

    Eye-popping ST headline

    Data Networking 15 May 12:51

  • Lastminute.com's mega-rich Foxy lady not motivated by money

    Easy for her to say when her company's worth £0.5 billion

    Media 15 May 12:52

  • Skill shortages multiply in Internet Economy

    We need a strategy

    Media 15 May 12:52

  • Carmel ain't the solution to Intel Rambus SNAFU

    But at least it works...

    Channel 15 May 12:53

  • Camino mobos go on sale

    ... be the first on your block with a non-functional Rambus system!

    Channel 15 May 12:53

  • Coppermine vs Athlon face-offs all over the Web

    The hardware sites round up

    Channel 15 May 12:53

  • Win2k date prediction industry goes into overdrive

    It's more dated than Zsa-Zsa Gabor, apparently...

    Software 15 May 12:53

  • New MS contract clause caters for forced company breakup

    Lawyers being ultra-lawyerly, or do we see the big one coming?

    Software 15 May 12:53

  • Intel holds secret meeting for unmetered UK Net calls

    Shies away from beating up BT

    Media 15 May 12:53

  • Action suspends shares – again

    Statement expected soon from mail order giant

    Business 15 May 12:54

  • HP says NT not robust enough for new L-boxes

    It's HP/UX and maybe Linux later

    Business 15 May 12:54

  • Seagate fires 10,000, Quantum posts heavy losses

    Hard rain falls not only on the Irish

    Business 15 May 12:54

  • AMD doesn't react to Intel price moves

    It keeps hand on Athlon tiller

    Channel 15 May 12:55

  • Hardware site claims Intel underclocking 600MHz chips

    To satisfy popular demand...

    Channel 15 May 12:55

  • BT Helpdesk – for one day only!


    Media 15 May 12:55

  • IDF99


    Register Full Coverage 15 May 12:56

  • Compaq admits Inventec makes its notebooks

    Armed robbery prompts unexpected confession

    Business 15 May 12:56

  • Rewriting the rules, Dell style

    Tears up Compaq rulebook

    Business 15 May 12:56

  • Linux commands 13 per cent market share, says IDC

    But didn't IDC's last stats predict something much higher?

    Software 15 May 12:56

  • School sued after scam site expulsion

    Youth claims it is his right to make fun of his teacher

    Business 15 May 13:58

  • 933MHz CuMine on sale in Japan

    Coppermines, Open GL, Rambus. And so it goes...

    Business 15 May 13:58

  • 1GHz CuMines rarer than dodo's teeth

    Rare bird falls between a Roc and a hard place

    Business 15 May 16:48

  • Register goes to Computex

    Deliver your hardware news from Taipei

    Business 15 May 16:48

  • ClickCharity™: Click here for a good cause

    Keep people in jobs, feed families with just one click

    Business 15 May 16:48

  • Brave Boo.com battling on

    Cash injection expected RSN

    Business 15 May 16:48