12th May 2000 Archive

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  • IBMs plunders copper mine for new RS/6000s

    But it's the I/O that steals the show

    Business 12 09:47

  • Mice squeak and slugs have feelings

    And humans are not robots

    Business 12 09:47

  • World Online pays runaway girl's 900 Net bill

    'The most important thing is that Karen is home, safe and sound.' Yeah, right

    Business 12 09:47

  • Will BA pass on e-commerce savings to customers?

    'Who knows?'

    Business 12 09:47

  • NHS to ask average Joe what he wants

    It's exhausting being cynical all the time, but what a load of bollocks

    Business 12 09:47

  • Microsoft picks fight with Slashdot

    Or is it the other way around?

    Business 12 09:47

  • Internet Explorer cookies leave you naked

    Debugging closed-source apps sure takes time

    Business 12 09:49

  • Euro anonymous email plans are ‘unworkable’

    Into the ditch with them

    Business 12 10:55

  • Napster Metallica ban proving hard to enforce

    Band fans slip back onto the service, non-fans get booted off

    Business 12 10:55

  • Speech data mobile to cost less than $500

    First systems out by year end

    Business 12 11:09

  • eBay seller suspended after caught bidding for own item

    'Nutcase' art goes for $135,000

    Business 12 11:25

  • Win2k service pack 1 goes into beta

    All 190 yummie megs of it...

    Business 12 11:28

  • The world may well be a great big onion, but the Internet is a big bow tie

    So what happens to it on dress-down days?

    Business 12 11:46

  • Nvidia selected for Linux based X-Box rival

    Indrema targets MS for PC games console biz

    Business 12 12:15

  • Jobless Vista beckons for Alta Vista staffers

    But Europe carries on recruiting

    Business 12 12:40

  • How to beat the Napster ban

    Usenet to the rescue...

    Business 12 12:40

  • MS Kerberos assault – Slashdot's defence avenues

    The Good Dr Lea puts forward some helpful hints

    Business 12 12:40

  • Windows, the next generation to show in June – for rent

    It's a Blockbuster, if you see what we mean...

    Business 12 16:12

  • The Register guide to beating the Love Bug. Not

    Dumb dumb, deeper than dumb...

    Business 12 16:12