10th May 2000 Archive

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  • Nvidia kicking graphics butt

    We wibble round the lonesome Web

    Business 10 10:04

  • Merced/Itanium design secrets revealed

    Why not write your own compiler?

    Business 10 10:37

  • Intel continues Rambus PR puff

    Fresh Willamette pledge part of contract

    Business 10 10:37

  • Netscape's disappearing privacy code

    It's not dead... it just won't work

    Business 10 10:37

  • EC to sort out your scratched CDs

    Hasn't it got anything better to do?

    Business 10 10:37

  • My email worm is worse than yours

    But where is it?

    Business 10 10:37

  • The Pope gets beatiful: see it live

    Two dead kids praised by Pontiff. Gets on third's goat

    Business 10 10:37

  • A quarter of PR flacks admit lying to journos – survey

    Deliver us, O Lord, from the Spin Doctors

    Business 10 10:37

  • Trouble down the Micromart

    Trademark trauma for Trinity and VNU

    Business 10 10:37

  • Sun gets splash of HP sauce

    Oooh, you are awful...

    Business 10 10:41

  • Gates pushes XML and the next generation net

    Embrace, extend, accelerate?

    Business 10 10:41

  • MS Java win against Sun leaves much to play for

    The unfair competition issue remains, for starters

    Business 10 10:41

  • Reg staffer on ‘one-man-war’ against Microsoft

    Bill Gates and our Graham don't get along, apparently

    Flame of the Week 10 11:24

  • Love Bug affects Linux: MS spokeswoman's crazed claim

    Swiftly 'disappeared' by MS Benelux spinmeister

    Business 10 11:49

  • Spotting the ‘mainframe killer’ spin in Windows DataCenter

    Semioticians, take note...

    Business 10 11:49

  • The Times recommends porn site

    Hands above the newsdesk, lads

    Business 10 14:41

  • BT network crash takes down schools ISP

    And 80 more companies

    Business 10 14:42

  • Most expensive dot org yet goes under the hammer

    Engineering.org flogged for $200k

    Business 10 14:42

  • Napster bans most alleged Metallica pirates

    Over 26,000 'infringers' left on service, though

    Business 10 15:22

  • EMI to launch digital music service in July

    Album downloads priced to match CDs

    Business 10 16:41