9th May 2000 Archive

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  • Software can name that tune – it's a humdinger

    This is never going to work. How can it?

    Business 09 May 09:45

  • Ellison: I'll get you, Gates

    Laughing Larry refuses to say die

    Business 09 May 09:45

  • Intel: jobs for life – or else

    Stop looking at those job ads and get on with your work

    Business 09 May 09:46

  • Big Blue goes all legacy-free, Chipzilla applauds

    Whose legacy was it anyway?

    Business 09 May 09:46

  • Artist to paint town red after sale of easel.com

    Plus other domain selling sagas

    Business 09 May 09:46

  • The Year of Disties living dangerously

    2000 will see 'significant business failures'

    Business 09 May 09:46

  • Sorry Sir, the mugger stole my homework

    South London kids get Psion netBooks

    Business 09 May 09:46

  • Acer flogs PCs cheap on dealer site

    Ropes in reseller support to increase Web offering

    Business 09 May 09:50

  • Gates predicts Love Bug Apocalypse if MS broken up

    War, famine, pestilence, death, Eudora Pro...

    Business 09 May 09:51

  • Katmai back from the dead

    We wibble round the lonesome Web

    Business 09 May 10:01

  • IHATEYOU Virus sweeps through BOFH Land

    It's nasty. Very nasty

    BOFH 09 May 10:01

  • What is to be done about Cybersafety for Kids?

    It's the adults wot need educating

    Business 09 May 10:01

  • HP makes frenzied pizza attack on Sun

    Piranha range to bite McNealy's butt

    Business 09 May 10:03

  • Your Privacy and The Register

    What we do with personal data that we've recorded

    Site News 09 May 10:54

  • Official Register 2000 PR tariff

    So now you know how we make our money

    Bootnotes 09 May 11:03

  • The quick guide to Register jargon

    Chipzilla, The Big Q, and the rest

    Bootnotes 09 May 11:06

  • Register channel hits MyNetscape

    Read our headlines in your MyNetscape homepage

    Business 09 May 11:06

  • The Register MacOS Sherlock Plug-in

    Download to search The Register from your Mac

    Business 09 May 11:13

  • Itanium to crystallise PC firms' Intel phobia

    May the lord have Merced on us

    Business 09 May 11:40

  • Internet Luvvie wanted for Cabinet Office

    Never mind the salary, feel the influence

    Business 09 May 11:46

  • Antfactory fund nets $350m investment

    If bees make honey, do ants make money?

    Business 09 May 11:46

  • Fujitsu touts faster, sleeker hard drives

    Well 'ard

    Business 09 May 11:46

  • Napster loses preliminary hearing

    Must answer record industry charges, rules judge

    Business 09 May 13:26

  • This is the reality of e-government

    Cabinet adviser and seasoned government minister shed light

    Business 09 May 13:38

  • Altavista UK still hot for Free ISP

    Rumour mill spits out duds

    Business 09 May 13:38

  • Love Bug suspect released into the wild

    Not enough evidence

    Business 09 May 13:38

  • Bill's local paper lashes ‘Napoleon’ Gates for tantrum tactics

    But he's apparently feeling sorry - for himself

    Business 09 May 13:38

  • The Crap Wap Rap

    One in four sites no good

    Business 09 May 13:38

  • Networking and Web Links

    The sites we like

    Register Links 09 May 13:57

  • News Links

    The sites we like

    Register Links 09 May 13:57

  • Links for PC Gamers

    The sites we like

    Register Links 09 May 13:57

  • Hardware and Chip Links

    The sites we like

    Register Links 09 May 13:57

  • Software Links

    The sites we like

    Register Links 09 May 13:57

  • Price/Product Comparison Links

    The sites we like

    Register Links 09 May 13:57

  • Child Pornography

    From fiddlers to filters...

    Register Full Coverage 09 May 14:13

  • Firm invents pussy detection software

    Cat paws software is the bee's knees

    Media 09 May 14:30

  • Flame Of The Week CeBIT special

    Lazy show organisers have let down exhibitors & public

    Flame of the Week 09 May 14:31

  • LinuxOne doing better than Register

    Are we mad?

    Flame of the Week 09 May 14:32

  • BOFH goes to Hollywood

    Medical drama unfolds

    BOFH 09 May 14:34

  • EU antitrust probe into Win2k threatens MS core strategy

    Strikes at heart of integration and leverage policies

    Software 09 May 14:34

  • Float announced for Lastminute.com

    We bring you the details -- well, some of them

    Business 09 May 14:35

  • How meaningful are Lastminute.com registration numbers?

    Letter from five year-old's dad asks

    Business 09 May 14:35

  • Chipzilla squats on tariff towers

    Is Intel's intent to win hearts, minds or just wallets?

    Channel 09 May 14:35

  • Intel Developer Forum: Spring 2000

    Full coverage

    Register Full Coverage 09 May 14:36

  • BOFH unmasks the Printer Smasher

    Workplace disenfranchised user complex

    BOFH 09 May 14:36

  • Your Privacy and The Register


    Site News 09 May 14:37

  • Channel Flannel Extra

    What the channel papers say

    Business 09 May 14:37

  • Virgin carries out payment freeze threat

    Holds £50m to ransom

    Broadband 09 May 14:37

  • System builders back Athlon 850

    AMD beating Intel in MHz race

    Small Biz 09 May 14:37

  • Two many typos, apostrophes, underlines

    Volvos suck, never mind palms..

    Flame of the Week 09 May 14:38

  • Sack Pete Sherriff now

    this contains swear words and spelling mistakes

    Flame of the Week 09 May 14:38

  • I'm screaming at you, you moron

    No swear words in this one

    Flame of the Week 09 May 14:38

  • Wanted: Bastard Operators to man helldesk

    BOFH meets the troops. He's not impressed

    BOFH 09 May 14:38

  • Telinco chairman picks up £90m

    Cheesy Cheshire grins all round after World Online deal

    Financial News 09 May 14:38

  • C'mon readers, let's all be James Bond

    Crack the UK secret service site code and win a life in the shadows

    Business 09 May 14:38

  • Children to become Time-modelled citizens

    Sponsored, of course

    Media 09 May 14:39

  • Site News Register headlines now available in Palm format

    Never miss a story -- even when you're on the move

    Site News 09 May 14:39

  • UK telecoms market fair, Oftel claims

    Time to cut the red tape as watchdog settles down for a nap

    Data Networking 09 May 14:40

  • BOFH returns from the dead

    Y2K1: He's mean, he's moody, he's less than magnificent

    BOFH 09 May 14:40

  • How much is IX.com worth and why is IX.de so cross?

    German computer mag faces stock exchange steamroller

    Business 09 May 16:50

  • Halifax tries to patent banking system

    And corners UK WAP Phone market

    Business 09 May 16:50

  • BT 0345, 0645, 0845 and 0800 numbers fall over

    Normal service now resumed

    Business 09 May 16:50

  • Intel says Sun just isn't trying hard enough

    Solaris 'very unlikely' to ship with first Itanium chips next month

    Business 09 May 16:50

  • Dixons confirms Freeserve For Sale option

    And more tales from The Bubble Economy

    Business 09 May 16:53