5th May 2000 Archive

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  • Brit firms fall down on Web site support

    Customers vote with feet

    Business 05 09:05

  • NEC cuts back on Rambus production

    Overestimated demand, analysts warn

    Business 05 09:06

  • AMD's roadmap: the facts

    Our look around some hardware sites

    Business 05 09:06

  • Accountancy firm fails piracy audit

    Walls have ears

    Business 05 09:06

  • Intel says no probs with flip chips cracking

    But heat sink specifications critical

    Business 05 09:12

  • Love Bug mutates faster than Pokemon

    ILOVEYOU times four

    Business 05 09:17

  • How the hell… do you overclock the Athlon?

    Kick butt for a few dollars more...

    Business 05 10:04

  • Scythe through the Net to find the Grim Reaper

    Everything you wanted to know about death but were afraid to click

    Business 05 10:04

  • Sega rents classic console titles via the Net

    An olive branch to the emulation scene?

    Business 05 11:27

  • Large corporations need 2GHz chips

    Mandy Rice-Davies assumes Wintel appearance

    Business 05 11:28

  • Dual, quad-CPU Power Macs to debut at WWDC?

    Seems a bit early to us

    Business 05 11:28

  • Windows DLL Hell needs more fixes, says MS MUG

    Microsoft making some progress, but could try harder

    Business 05 11:30

  • Freecom.net buy shows up teenage Web firms

    And lo! Good business sense prevails. Clicks for bricks

    Business 05 11:35

  • UK's slowest sites named and shamed

    What, we're not on it?

    Business 05 12:05

  • Feds bust Intel insiders for $1 million piracy blag

    Pirates with attitude

    Business 05 12:17

  • Linux users protest DVD regs on Capitol Hill

    A gentle reminder that the DCMA is bollocks

    Business 05 12:22

  • What is the best virus protection?

    Dr Spinola goes out of control

    Business 05 12:49

  • MS Research: in high gear on the road to nowhere?

    But it might just be in some danger of finally producing something

    Business 05 14:54

  • AOL damns Which? kiddie filter slams

    Compares 'apples and oranges'

    Business 05 14:54

  • I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee

    But does it count if you do it by email?

    Business 05 15:23

  • ntl blames ‘overwhelming demand’ for flat-fee ISP delay

    Where's my CD?

    Business 05 15:23

  • MP3.com vs RIAA judge explains his verdict

    Still doesn't make much sense

    Business 05 15:55

  • No email thanks to the virus? Here's what to do

    I've got a little list...

    Business 05 15:58

  • Bradford on the lookout for cyber snouts

    I seen who done over the Internet cafe guv

    Business 05 15:58