27th April 2000 Archive

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  • Soros study tries to fit E. European peg in US round hole

    Bridging the divide does nothing of the sort

    Business 27 09:54

  • Napster rapped by rapper

    Suit targets software's users too

    Business 27 10:41

  • Microsoft promises an OS-embedded world

    Hail the intelligent barbecue grill

    Business 27 10:42

  • 3G auction ends with NTL departure

    Five lucky, lucky winners

    Business 27 10:47

  • Via roadmap found on road to Damascus

    Screaming Cindy in Ezra...whatever next?

    Business 27 10:56

  • Quote of the day: Rick Wakeman responds to Register story

    Hatchet man

    Business 27 11:04

  • Gates, Ballmer defiance clinches DoJ break-up resolve


    Business 27 11:19

  • EMC rolls out very big boxes

    Ruettger's firm pulling in the oof

    Business 27 11:20

  • Pets.com starts dog fight

    Spokesdogs no pedigree chums

    Business 27 11:24

  • Hollywood is Big Brother

    George Orwell just got the dates wrong

    Business 27 11:38

  • What the Hell is… BT ADSL all about

    Tim Richardson answers the questions

    Business 27 11:49

  • VA Linux cuts cash component from Andover acquisition

    Due to 'tax concerns', apparently

    Business 27 12:00

  • Vigilant mother foils dirty old man's chat-room plan

    He was 17, going on 47

    Business 27 12:23

  • Russia welcomes hack attacks

    Script Kiddies cut teeth hijacking critical infrastructure

    Business 27 12:25

  • 21st Century justice: guilty, says PC

    What a great idea (Run, I tell you! And keep running!)

    Business 27 12:26

  • Net encourages copyright litigation

    The New Economy's greatest legacy: heaps more lawyers

    Business 27 13:11

  • Price drops don't mean Intel prices dropped

    Buyers beware

    Business 27 14:53

  • Amazon.com loss widens 200 per cent

    And sequential sales growth is right off

    Business 27 15:09

  • BTopenworld security glitch reveals thousands of customer names

    What's your name, email address etc

    Business 27 15:26

  • Amazon sells Phantom Menace for 12p

    People buying 200 copies a time

    Business 27 16:18

  • AMD unveils Celeron basher

    Duron responsible for Spanish decadence, apparently

    Business 27 16:26

  • Amazon honours 12p video farce

    One copy per customer

    Business 27 16:45