26th April 2000 Archive

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  • Red Hat Piranha ‘backdoor’ password discovered

    Enables total control of a server

    Business 26 Apr 03:24

  • Paul Allen nearly divested of M$ stock

    If he won't hold it, why should we?

    Business 26 Apr 05:17

  • Time doles out £40 million of free software to schools

    Retail or wholesale?

    Business 26 Apr 05:27

  • Tiny revs up for flat-fee ISP launch

    Off-peak option for £6.99 per month

    Business 26 Apr 05:31

  • Compaq outsells Dell by 1m units in Q1

    But can't regain top slot in home country

    Business 26 Apr 05:44

  • Hell.com for sale

    $8 million price tag to be in league with the devil

    Business 26 Apr 05:49

  • Compaq delivers bland financials

    Q1 nothing for Q to crow about

    Business 26 Apr 06:37

  • AMD unveils Corvette, plans 1.5GHz part

    Japanese coverage of WinHEC 2000

    Business 26 Apr 06:53

  • Intel takes next step to i840 heaven

    Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3, wah wah ooh

    Business 26 Apr 07:26

  • MS opens free piracy hotline to squeal on rivals

    Confidentiality guaranteed

    Business 26 Apr 08:35

  • IBM ThinkPads hidden under NDA kimono

    Pleasant breakfast though

    Business 26 Apr 10:06

  • Elvis sees God thrash Pope

    All change at the top

    Business 26 Apr 10:16

  • Microsoft DoJ pantomime enters final scene

    "We'll split you up", "Oh no you won't", "Oh yes we will"

    Business 26 Apr 10:35

  • Oracle launches Japanese Linux venture

    Joint operation with NEC, TurboLinux

    Business 26 Apr 10:46

  • Intel launches USB 2.0

    Watch out IEEE 1394?

    Business 26 Apr 11:17

  • Is this CD the kidnappers' friend?

    Disk knocks on directors' front door

    Business 26 Apr 11:21

  • BT rips open ADSL pricing kimono

    All is revealed

    Business 26 Apr 11:32

  • Intel plays for legal time with Via

    And files action against Intelia

    Business 26 Apr 11:54