25th April 2000 Archive

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  • US State Department shakeup over missing laptop

    No idea what it contained, and Milosivic isn't talking

    Business 25 06:41

  • Corel warns of cash-flow crises if Inprise merger fails

    'May occur' is not the same thing as 'will occur'

    Business 25 07:30

  • Name Keeper names no IP names

    Free hosts on the net

    Business 25 07:40

  • Applix spins off ApplixWare Linux division

    Subsidiary changes name, goes open source (sort of) in bid to turn business around

    Business 25 08:11

  • Microsoft kicks Compaq's Alpha in teeth

    Only after Q headbutted MS first

    Business 25 09:06

  • SEAT touts ‘dot cool’ cars

    Lame marketing ideas of our time

    Business 25 09:07

  • Intel cuts prices on CuMine processors

    Xeons, Pentium IIIs and Celerons see drop

    Business 25 09:41

  • Transmeta targets Intel's mobile underbelly

    There's margins and there's gross margins

    Business 25 10:10

  • ATI launches Radeon

    Not a washing powder but a 3D accelerator, apparently

    Business 25 11:06

  • £22bn 3G mobile auction put on hold

    Don't call us, we'll call you

    Business 25 11:23

  • Employees wear the cyberslacks

    Get back to work, your boss knows what you're up to

    Business 25 11:28

  • USB-based micro Flash drive to ship 20 May

    ThumbDrive looks like a Sony Memory Stick but plugs into any USB port. Smart, huh?

    Business 25 11:44

  • HP eventually wakes up to Win2K

    Oops! Maybe we should write some drivers, guys.

    Business 25 12:28

  • Earth, Wind, Fire and Water hurled into laptop designs

    You don't have to be mad to work in IT - or do you?

    Business 25 12:34

  • Intel: Willamette already sampling

    Gelsinger: He's the man, the man with the golden touch

    Business 25 13:35

  • WAP is easy – but gadget geeks only need apply

    How to write a press release

    Business 25 13:53

  • InterX confirms Ideal Hardware sale

    Bell Microproducts is buyer

    Business 25 15:57