21st April 2000 Archive

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  • Kizoom WAP site promises ‘joined-up travel’

    But only UK train timetabling offered so far

    Business 21 09:42

  • SGI loss widens beyond expectations

    MIPS to blame thanks to delayed 400MHz R12000, says company

    Business 21 09:44

  • Metallica lets second uni off the hook after Napster ban

    Indiana University dropped from piracy, racketeering and corruption suit

    Business 21 09:45

  • UK government to investigate ‘thief’ IBM

    Won't make any bloody difference - but it's good to see

    Business 21 09:51

  • Apple shareholders OK two-for-one stock split

    Analysts up earnings expectations, share price targets

    Business 21 10:39

  • Microsoft Q3 profits up ahead of Street expectations

    Massive investment sales comes in handy

    Business 21 10:40

  • Intel to adjust prices on 23 April, confirms Q3 availability

    Not across the board, so to speak

    Business 21 11:07

  • NeoMagic quits notebook graphics market

    Forced out by ATI's rather better chips

    Business 21 11:24