20th April 2000 Archive

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  • British women are the new Net nerds

    And we thought Surf was a washing powder

    Business 20 07:17

  • Compaq readies users for the nuthouse

    There's fright at the end of the tunnel

    Business 20 07:48

  • Trident, Via settle legal disputes

    Via coughs up $10.17 million. Is it really over?

    Business 20 08:24

  • Price of Rambus RIMMs drops shock

    As much as by 68 per cent shock

    Business 20 08:44

  • Micron readies DDR memory salvo

    Forget the Dramurai™, it's the Samurai™

    Business 20 08:55

  • We're Intel. We make muthaboards™

    Some of them don't work properly

    Business 20 09:02

  • Apple Q2 profits jump 72 per cent

    Margins, earnings, revenue all up and be decent amounts

    Business 20 10:51

  • Mugabe mocked on Zimbabwe embassy Web site

    Not famous for his sense of humour

    Business 20 10:51

  • ZDNet buys LinuxDevices.com

    Money talks, community walks

    Business 20 11:03

  • Dotcom Cinderellas can't go to the Ball

    Netshaken, not stirred

    Business 20 11:24

  • Those computer games awards in full

    PR bunnies forget to tell anyone though

    Business 20 11:42

  • Access all areas: DVD chipping torpedos Hollywood

    And what's all this stuff about 'Connected-DVD'?

    Business 20 11:50

  • Motorola to take over Scottish Hyundai fab

    £1.3 billion purchase to created 1350 jobs

    Business 20 12:04

  • ATI Rage 6 info ‘leaked’

    And will it really be called Radeon?

    Business 20 14:11

  • Jenkins Web site protests killer's innocence

    He didn't do it, claims remarkably honest and comprehensive site

    Business 20 14:33

  • ISP tells miffed subscribers to shop elsewhere

    'Customers have every right to vote with their feet,' says Screaming.net boss

    Business 20 14:42

  • Metallica drops Yale from anti-Napster suit

    Move follows university's ban on controversial application

    Business 20 15:00

  • 1GHz Coppermine shouldn't be hot stuff

    Intel gets tough on its thermals

    Business 20 15:26

  • Car PCs – who needs 'em?

    (traffic) jam tomorrow

    Business 20 15:30

  • Janet Reno licks chops over Mafiaboy arrest

    He has to be guilty; he's all they've got

    Business 20 16:11

  • Forget PCs, TVs, mobiles, PDAs – we know the future

    And it's printers, says one of world's largest printer manufacturers

    Business 20 18:08

  • Steve Ballmer's vision for the future of mankind

    Experience your life through a custom user interface

    Business 20 20:13