19th April 2000 Archive

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  • Intel confirms major chip shortages

    $8bn financials boosted by VC activities

    Business 19 07:03

  • AMD intros mobile K6-2+, K6-III+

    Comes with DSP Screaming Cindy 3DNow extensions

    Business 19 07:04

  • Privacy-loving space aliens put the smack down on SETI

    Hope they nail DoubleClick next....

    Business 19 07:09

  • Register jumps into bed with iSyndicate

    A little bit of San Francisco comes to UK

    Business 19 07:28

  • Forrester maps out Euro Internet futures

    Graham analyses the analysts

    Business 19 08:23

  • Hardware Roundup Spitfire pricing pops up on Web

    We shake out a few of the CobWebs

    Business 19 09:05

  • Meet me on the holodeck

    Sun links with VR outfit, death by Powerpoint

    Business 19 10:03

  • Ananova speaks… cyberrubbish

    More long-winded than a government minister

    Business 19 10:41

  • Intel backtracks on mobo recall

    Chipzilla in left and right hand dilemma

    Business 19 11:00

  • Blueyonder suffers curse of free ISPs

    Teething problems slow Telewest roll-out

    Business 19 12:18

  • Banking giants spend $1bn on UK Net venture

    Gunning for high value e-biz

    Business 19 12:22

  • Apple to buy DVD processors from C-CUBE

    Final parts being dropped into digital video strategy jigsaw

    Business 19 12:54

  • Satellite pics of US alien base hit the Web

    Millions of jelly-headed X-files fans wet themselves

    Business 19 12:56

  • Mulford quits as Datrontech CEO to start ASP

    Big write-offs=big losses

    Business 19 13:00

  • IDC adds VA Linux Systems to server survey elite

    Market research giant 'clarifies' its mistake, but the numbers still don't quite add up...

    Business 19 13:38

  • Virgin Net stops the clock – at £15 per month

    Which is nice

    Business 19 14:17

  • Staff at Murdoch new media arm attack lack of leadership

    All is not rosy in the Wapping e-garden, leaked memo reveals

    Business 19 15:36

  • Canadian Feds charge Mafiaboy in DDoS attacks

    They seek him here, they seek him there....

    Business 19 17:05

  • Computer games award ceremony tonight

    And we know who the winners are (sort of)

    Business 19 18:29