18th April 2000 Archive

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    Candidates with spelling and grammar ability need not apply

    Business 18 06:06

  • Cough up you suckers, your staff want to play with their PDAs

    Big companies, big phone bills

    Business 18 06:21

  • Dotcom CEOs are vapid, empty, shallow – and that's the good ones

    You just can't get the staff

    Business 18 06:27

  • Scottish firm suffers eternal damnation for auction of popesfuneral.com

    Marching season, already?

    Business 18 06:35

  • World+Dog barks at Nasdaq rout

    Brokers with the willies get balls back

    Business 18 09:23

  • Hermit emerges to check on Register

    True democracy incubated at Vulture Central

    Business 18 09:26

  • Internet comes to an end

    Book shuts on Wibbly Wobbly Web

    Business 18 09:30

  • Via-S3 deal won't solve Intel rift

    Lawyers rub their hands in glee

    Business 18 10:10

  • Orange man talks crap

    Not Paisley, but Snook

    Business 18 10:19

  • Microsoft creates new VPs, new job titles, new share options

    Life's just one big holiday at Microsoft

    Business 18 10:23

  • STMicroelectronics sees profits leap in Q1

    Unprecedented demand

    Business 18 10:37

  • Microsoft: World spins in wrong direction

    We have a problem, emission control

    Business 18 10:40

  • Oftel calls for comment on UK's e-future

    Tell the Winged Watchdog just what you think

    Business 18 11:21

  • Northamber boss sues Rolls Royce

    Bentley hung up to dry like a kipper

    Business 18 12:09

  • UK Linux show host denies Debian stand space

    'If we give one non-profit body a free stand, everyone will want one,' says organiser

    Business 18 12:16

  • FBI admits loss of ‘top secret’ laptop

    Mulder and Scully on the case

    Business 18 12:19

  • The eyes have IT

    See your way to cheaper contact lenses

    Business 18 12:38

  • WH Smith fined for software theft

    Shoplifters can cite inadequate procedures, next time they're caught

    Business 18 12:39

  • GW Bush parody Web site escapes FEC axe

    Far too trifling a matter for the Commission's attention

    Business 18 13:21

  • i-don't believe it! Council kiosks to change the world

    More government guff. Hype breeds hatred

    Business 18 13:31

  • Oftel backs Worldcom BT Surftime complaints

    Uncompetitive wholesale product

    Business 18 13:44

  • Whistler wafts past MS security onto the Web

    Second internal OS build leaked in two months

    Business 18 15:10

  • PlayStation 2 export limit lifted

    No use to missile-making rogue states after all

    Business 18 15:53

  • AMD takes axe to Athlon prices

    It's a Jack in the Beanstalk situation

    Business 18 16:30

  • US-UK broadband trade war threat recedes

    'Warning shots across the bow'

    Business 18 16:33

  • RealSoftware upgrades MacOS ‘Visual Basic’ tool

    RealBasic hits 2.1, many improvements included

    Business 18 16:54

  • Intel recalls dodgy Cape Cod mobos

    You heard it here first

    Business 18 16:56