17th April 2000 Archive

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  • Pixelon.com founder confesses he is fugitive embezzler

    Dotcon shows aplomb

    Business 17 12:00

  • World+Dog waits for Nasdaq opening

    See, saw, Marjory Daw...

    Business 17 12:13

  • See marchers get beaten up on the Web!

    Protestcam casts eyes over Washington anti-capitalist demo

    Business 17 12:13

  • Hackers: cyber saviours or snake-oil salesmen?

    Should we buy into these cultural harbingers?

    Business 17 13:15

  • Saudi authorities shut down women's cybercafé

    Against religion and traditions, apparently

    Business 17 13:35

  • QNX opens Neutrino RTOS source code

    But not all of it

    Business 17 13:48

  • SMEs to get the Net knowledge

    Roadshows aim to boost e-awareness

    Business 17 14:40

  • InterQuad gets Nokia WAP exclusive

    Looks to drum up reseller WAP business

    Business 17 14:43

  • Blair wires up poor, huddled masses

    A whopping £10m for bridging Digital Divide

    Business 17 14:56

  • PlayStation 2 exports to be restricted – again

    Sony makes more of a fuss this time - there's a better marketing angle

    Business 17 15:07

  • Wide Open News TurboLinux CEO Follows Amazon's Lead

    Got guts or just nuts?

    Business 17 15:15

  • Via reckons it will triple revenues this year

    From $380m to $1b, thanks to Cyrix and S3

    Business 17 15:34

  • Dotcom genocide in Wall St. Week of the Lemmings

    Luddites' gloat session: US $1 Trillion in New Economy wealth up in smoke Friday alone

    Business 17 15:34

  • Iomega profits way up – hurrah!

    But sales continue to fall - sob!

    Business 17 16:06

  • Microsoft mole spills beans on weenies

    Relic of the browser wars, staffer claims

    Business 17 16:17

  • Intel CuMine supply problems a twisted, complex tale

    Consider Caesar III in every supply chain

    Business 17 16:25

  • Pro-Napster hackers hit Metallica

    Raid the Lightning...

    Business 17 16:27

  • Irish curse engine puts acid tongue on the Web

    Another gift of linguistic scholarship

    Business 17 16:50