14th April 2000 Archive

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  • Who's afraid of the big bad dotcom?

    New wave of e-firms won't rattle old economy after all

    Business 14 07:46

  • Sun shines as toothsome McNealy uses bottom word

    Scaling the heights

    Business 14 07:48

  • Nvidia outlines Euro board sales strategy

    It's sort of Nvidia Inside...

    Business 14 08:33

  • WAP phone virus threat

    Trust us, we're antivirus experts

    Business 14 08:34

  • Tiny gets bigger in US showroom push

    Tiny story (actually, a story about Tiny -it's average length)

    Business 14 08:57

  • Disaster hits Intel Coppermine supply

    The Dell domino has supplies assured

    Business 14 08:59

  • PR gaffe of the week: Gates gives $10m to Capitol Hill

    Foundation spends money on making founder look bad. Right.

    Business 14 09:40

  • Intel still semiconductor Bigzilla

    It's top of the pops

    Business 14 10:00

  • Grauniad bang up to date on CeBIT

    How to keep up with technology. Not.

    Business 14 10:19

  • VNU closes in on ZD Europe

    Leaks could force early disclosure

    Business 14 10:44

  • Metallica sues Napster

    So I dub thee Unforgiven...

    Business 14 11:04

  • Tags for your fags (and perfume and PC parts)

    Tune into high-quality goods

    Business 14 11:15

  • Caminogate: Will the horror never end?

    Soldering irons at dawn for lucky Intel 820 owners

    Business 14 11:26

  • Sony to add hard drive, modem to US PlayStation 2

    Firing shots across X-Box, Dreamcast bows

    Business 14 11:36

  • Sony to launch wireless data network 1 July

    Business-oriented service to cover six Japanese cities

    Business 14 12:22

  • Reader of the decade (until next week)

    Ooh you make us live - you're our best friend (dah dah dah dah)

    Business 14 12:55

  • UK overclockers turn up the heat

    Hybrid geek/reseller Stokes up a fire

    Business 14 12:58

  • BBC publishes site-gaggers guide

    Good story, but...

    Business 14 13:33

  • Weenie jibe in FrontPage leaves MS web servers wide open

    Unauthorised, employee-written back doors - whatever will they think of next?

    Business 14 14:46

  • VA Linux Systems disputes IDC server market findings

    We are a top-five Linux server vendor, VA insists

    Business 14 15:04

  • OS/2 lives! IBM turns life support back on

    Graham celebrates with a long piece we weren't expecting

    Business 14 16:09

  • NSI Serbian ‘hack’ is simple email spoof

    Victim of old-fashioned fraud and deception

    Business 14 16:18

  • Spiked WSJ story lives on at ZDNet UK

    Get out of the pub, suckers - you're in trouble...

    Business 14 17:18