13th April 2000 Archive

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  • AMD's Athlon strategy pays off

    Company bounces back with Intel-busting quarter

    Business 13 07:49

  • Rambus far from Rambust despite loss

    It's a licence to print money

    Business 13 08:10

  • Take The Reg SETI challenge

    How fast is yours, Andrew Thomas asks?

    Business 13 08:19

  • WAP really is useful

    RNID builds services for the deaf

    Business 13 10:18

  • Babbage boffins build heavyweight printer

    New device not ideal for mobile use

    Business 13 10:33

  • News Avatar speaks! (But what will be Ananova's first words?)

    Deathless quotation wanted

    Business 13 10:43

  • Martha Lane-Fox turned away from top London restaurant?

    Mezzo dolto

    Business 13 10:49

  • Apple customises MacOS X for Wintellers

    But that doesn't mean it's going out of its way to encourage them, OK?

    Business 13 10:52

  • AOL.de found liable for online music piracy

    Plans to appeal Bavarian state court's decision

    Business 13 10:56

  • BT McKinseyed in bid for world leadership

    Reorganisation announced today

    Business 13 11:12

  • Dell takes on full Palm line – almost

    Colour IIIc curiously missing from company comment - is LCD shortage to blame?

    Business 13 11:26

  • EPIC surveys state of global encryption and snooping

    Documents regulations, relaxations

    Business 13 12:14

  • Digital, yeah, Digital, gets fresh lease of life

    Indian wing wants Euro, US market

    Business 13 12:29

  • DoJ MS trial lawyer spars with Judiciary Committee

    But only a little bit...

    Business 13 12:54

  • Marmite online – Web site brings yeast extract to the masses

    And other British culinary masterpieces

    Business 13 13:32

  • BT is completely seaworthy

    Nothing in common with Titanic

    Business 13 14:21

  • Intel Solano PC-133 chipset supplies to disappoint

    i815 a niche product, manufacturers reckon

    Business 13 14:44

  • Pirates named and shamed on Web

    Substitute home page for offenders' sites to end software piracy as we know it. Apparently

    Business 13 14:54

  • Amazon.com, others hit by music download patent suit

    Company claims e-tailer violated 1999 'try before you buy' patent

    Business 13 15:31

  • NASDAQ, Dow show ugly trend towards speculation

    Investors sell anything that rallies

    Business 13 16:37

  • Bertie Ahern in £1m porn scandal, while Serbian hackers go haywire

    Get off my demesne

    Business 13 21:12