12th April 2000 Archive

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  • Sea-Monkey magic on your PC

    Just add electricity. Hatch grow Sea-Monkeys alive!

    Business 12 06:36

  • AOL beats back Freeserve ad complaints

    Comparisons fair, ASA rules

    Business 12 06:52

  • Let's be careful out there – McNealy

    Don't get tire tracks on your back

    Business 12 06:55

  • Great Virgin Net giveaway restricted to US

    Europe obviously not wired enough for Branson's mob

    Business 12 09:00

  • It's your… Daily Rambus Register

    What happened yesterday...

    Business 12 09:04

  • Intel, MS, other names face fresh privacy row

    Can you trust your PC?

    Business 12 10:14

  • RSL buys Voyager

    Second acquisition in a month

    Business 12 10:26

  • Compaq, others forced down third-party e-biz route

    Own solution not up to scaling high enough

    Business 12 10:33

  • A mobile licence to print money

    Chancellor eases back in chair, pats sleeping watchdog

    Business 12 10:48

  • Totalise bribes students – all in a good cause

    Do your homework, get good grades, win some shares

    Business 12 10:49

  • VA unveils Linux desktop systems

    Prices from $800

    Business 12 11:25

  • Linux server market dominated by IT giants

    And... er... Fujitsu Siemens

    Business 12 12:07

  • Organiser sets date for independent UK Mac show

    Expo 2000 set for 29-30 September, provisionally

    Business 12 12:41

  • Anti-racists sue Yahoo! over Nazi auction

    Is 55 years not long enough for some common sense?

    Business 12 13:22

  • Fujitsu samples picoJava clone

    Preps development tools, too

    Business 12 13:45

  • Wireless to dominate Net access by 2002

    Not sure it's WAP what'll win it, though

    Business 12 14:25

  • Ethical hacker reveals secrets of underground world

    And how cloaks and daggers expose merchant bankers

    Business 12 14:48

  • 3dfx announces AGP-free Mac Voodoo line-up

    Will only ship PCI versions

    Business 12 15:03

  • Vote for London Mayor now

    You won't believe your own mind

    Business 12 15:05

  • Don't run Win2k, ‘early adopter’ IBM tells staff

    Do you think maybe they ought to mention it to the customers?

    Business 12 15:19

  • Yahoo! founder urges govt to keep hands off the Net

    "We don't know what we don't know"

    Business 12 15:21

  • CPU initiative wasted on extra terrestrials

    Forget SETI, why not the public genome project?

    Business 12 15:22

  • Portsmouth politician resigns over PC porn

    When will they ever learn

    Business 12 15:36

  • Little helper for MS and Bush says sorry, keeps both jobs

    We blame whoever's in charge of this shambles. Hi, Mich...

    Business 12 16:45

  • Gates, Gerstner helped NSA snoop – US Congressman

    Influential Congressman shoots mouth off

    Business 12 16:56

  • Computer glitch blinded US spy satellites

    US 'lucky no major crises cropped up'

    Business 12 17:12

  • New York Net-porn law upheld on appeal

    Prudes 2, Pervs 0

    Business 12 20:27