11th April 2000 Archive

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  • Porn site confusion forces gadget site relaunch

    Hotbox gets fiery

    Business 11 06:32

  • Fujitsu Siemens appoints CEO

    Customer-focused, forward looking fine-tuner

    Business 11 06:36

  • Intel re-opens wallet – rapacious moths fly out

    Buys another company as IXA mycelium spreads

    Business 11 06:48

  • Anti-censorship site censored!

    ISP pulls plug

    Business 11 06:55

  • Osicom falls into receivers' arms

    Pioneer Intel solutions distie on its knees

    Business 11 07:12

  • Rambus PC figures give that FUD feeling

    Time for a new RegMark™

    Business 11 08:31

  • Sony details music download service

    Coming next month, ahead of rival big name labels

    Business 11 09:26

  • MS IE source code give away: the WSJ changes its mind

    But that doesn't mean the story wasn't true...

    Business 11 09:31

  • Tucows does an Andover.net with Linux site buy

    It's a pre-IPO thing, we guess

    Business 11 09:41

  • 3DLabs buys Intense 3D as ATI, Nvidia breathe down neck

    Shoring up workstation market against game-oriented rival look to high end

    Business 11 10:35

  • Hitachi unveils ‘free PC’ scheme

    100,000 Win98 boxes MUST GO!!!

    Business 11 10:57

  • MS hires spin doctor to lobby for Bush trial backing

    The trial creeps ever closer to the campaign

    Business 11 11:33

  • Wide Open News Linuxcare CEO Departs, IPO Postponed

    Major anagement changes

    Business 11 11:57

  • Via buys S3 chip biz for $323m-plus

    Meanwhile, S3 becomes Diamond Multimedia... er... an 'Internet appliance company'

    Business 11 12:52

  • Bitboys delays 3D superchip to up feature-count

    It works though, claims CEO

    Business 11 13:18

  • Fishy pirate gets snared in Net

    Cod Almighty, he was caught red handed

    Business 11 13:30

  • China conducting ‘pre-war recon’ on line

    Sun Tzu would love the Internet

    Business 11 13:56

  • Bo! Teenagers SMS call to stress-test UK mobile network

    Impractical, operators say

    Business 11 14:33

  • Customers afraid to visit Sun

    Offices in dodgy areas, apparently

    Business 11 16:06

  • Boffins unveil 600Gb per inch non-volatile RAM

    Wonders never cease...

    Business 11 22:09

  • Readers solve Pentium III laws of physics dilemma

    Cache for questions

    Business 11 22:23

  • Mobile monsters make m-commerce world domination bid

    The numbers stack up

    Business 11 22:36