10th April 2000 Archive

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  • Numeritech semi floats: share price flies

    Sub-micron technology breaches wavelength probs

    Business 10 05:52

  • Inprise claims wrongful conduct in Iona lawsuit

    They're not getting on

    Business 10 07:12

  • Java bureacracy reforms itself

    Let's form a committee

    Business 10 07:18

  • Net regulators close in on rogue domains

    Squatters and pirates ejected from cyberspace

    Business 10 07:37

  • Rambus could use 4:1 split to fuel acquisitions

    And memtech outfit fights back at its critics

    Business 10 09:07

  • ARM pulls SOCs up with Infinite buy

    Shows 157 per cent rise in profits in Q

    Business 10 09:29

  • DDR memory gets Infineon, Samsung, Via boost

    Infineon samples, Via affirms, Samsung bears witness

    Business 10 09:43

  • The Net could eat us all – Archbishop of York

    Potential for evil

    Business 10 10:37

  • John Lewis suit looms over Dixons PC supply exclusives

    Packard Bell and Compaq involved too

    Business 10 11:05

  • Via to buy S3 graphics chip operation

    Full details coming later today, says chipset company

    Business 10 11:46

  • World Online flat fee ISP is Screaming by any other name

    Only now it's called Freedom 24

    Business 10 12:43

  • Action cuts Web prices as profits sink

    Operating benefits of dotcom channel

    Business 10 12:47

  • MS may be forced to give away Explorer source code

    Microzilla here we come...

    Business 10 13:18

  • AMD's Spitfire victim of own performance

    Thunderbirds will have to go-go at same time

    Business 10 14:25

  • MS slammed for abandoning W3C standards in IE 5.5

    WaSP gets very splenetic indeed on the matter

    Business 10 14:38