7th April 2000 Archive

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  • Ledger and Morris launch Net-centric distie

    If we had a 20 per cent margin for every 'different' distributor...

    Business 07 07:42

  • Free games download site opens for business

    Watch ads while megs tick slowly by? Shurely 'Poor' Entertainment? - Ed.

    Business 07 07:44

  • Intel gets private, parallel Kuck

    Open multiprocessing company bought

    Business 07 07:47

  • Domino Dell denies it will use AMD chips

    But Cheapzilla's market share, stock price rises

    Business 07 08:07

  • Alpha chip powers Celera genome burst

    Mysterious unannounced chips aid "secret of life"

    Business 07 08:30

  • Intel gives Euro e-biz Amsterdam high five

    Plunges loadsadosh into five countries

    Business 07 08:56

  • Cellphone LCDs to dominate display production this year

    Value of phone display production to exceed notebook screen value in Q4 2000

    Business 07 09:35

  • $333,000 for a Pentium III?

    Well, it does have a piano wrapped round it

    Business 07 09:41

  • MPAA on legal warpath with 2600 again

    Popular hacker site sued for DeCSS linking

    Business 07 11:17

  • QXL shares rally on analyst's prediction

    Plucky Brits go gunning for eBay

    Business 07 11:20

  • Cisco backtracks on spam the spammers advice

    It was all a terrible mistake – you don't say

    Business 07 11:25

  • Sony backpedals on privacy flap

    Mega-corporation gives in to the rude masses

    Business 07 11:44

  • Compaq makes small but important mistake

    The Big Number change claims a casualty. K'snurk!

    Business 07 11:56

  • Beer swilling Linux users hit the Lake District

    For the holiday of a lifetime, bring your own penguin

    Business 07 12:13

  • Samsung mobiles get fancier

    New features! But in different phones!

    Business 07 12:20

  • I need a new driver, what to do?

    Trust Spinola, he's a quack

    Business 07 12:27

  • DoJ may brief White House on MS penalties

    The case creeps closer to government

    Business 07 12:37

  • Pollsters and TV ads – the MS fight back begins

    We'll try the court of public opinion instead

    Business 07 13:14

  • Mystery ‘EU client’ orders 2.5m ADSL CE devices

    A breakthrough for Microsoft - but with whom?

    Business 07 13:37

  • Buy online without a credit card

    Could this be the answer to paranoid e-shoppers' prayers

    Business 07 13:57

  • BMG digital music service to launch this summer

    Based on IBM, Reciprocal technology, service to be offered through retailers

    Business 07 14:29

  • FBI, DoJ want new Net monitoring toys

    FIDNET not enough for these guys

    Business 07 14:30

  • Quake developer not responsible for school killings – judge

    Paducah killer's actions could not be foreseen

    Business 07 14:42

  • Boffins unveil ‘instant download’ chip

    Hundred gigabytes per second electronic-to-optic data conversion rate claimed

    Business 07 14:44

  • Anoto pen will change the world

    Maybe. But even if it doesn't, it's still pretty cool

    Business 07 14:46

  • CCM Distribution outlines post MBO strategy

    Ecommerce still on backburner

    Business 07 15:00

  • DoubleClick wins ‘Greatest Corporate Invader’ award

    Just when they thought it was safe to go back in the clickzone...

    Business 07 15:14

  • ATI to unveil Rage 6 on 24 April…

    ...the day before Nvidia launches the NV11 and NV15

    Business 07 15:15

  • Windows ME hits beta 3, to demo this weekend

    Live from Redmond. Well a bit live, anyway...

    Business 07 15:16

  • IBMer loses sex harassment case

    Judge kicks out claims that female boss forced man to endure compliments

    Business 07 15:43

  • Pentium III defies the laws of physics

    Strange goings on in Lancewood

    Business 07 16:00

  • Crypto code is protected speech – appellate court

    Not inexpressive, just because you can't understand it

    Business 07 18:18

  • New Web site security scanner will read your HDD

    Relax, it's for your own good....

    Business 07 19:17