6th April 2000 Archive

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  • ACLU appeals Mattel ruling

    Banned URLs should be revealed to all

    Business 06 04:22

  • London thieves nab rare crypto machine

    Sympathetic Web heads hope to thwart fences

    Business 06 05:09

  • Congress mulls ‘cyber-molester’ bill

    Save the children, silence adults

    Business 06 06:09

  • Retired US Army major faces Net pedo charge

    Yet another perfectly respectable online sicko

    Business 06 06:49

  • MSN divvies up $40m for recruitment campaign

    Aims for one million new US users

    Business 06 07:50

  • Get your scalpels, handbags and PCs here

    B2B surplus stores move online

    Business 06 07:53

  • SAPping the will to live

    It's a dirty job, but someone's got to learn it

    Business 06 08:01

  • Rambus claims network chip wins

    Share price rallies on Garibaldi news

    Business 06 08:21

  • Contractors raise £500K for IR35 court challenge

    Rules 'contrary to European law'

    Business 06 08:24

  • ON24 slams ZDNet April Fool's ‘joke’

    No longer considers ZDNet News a reliable source

    Business 06 08:25

  • Judge sets schedule for remedies against MS

    Government claim by end April, then MS responds

    Business 06 08:45

  • AMD starts sampling copper whoppers

    Spitfires, Mustangs to fly out of Dresden

    Business 06 08:46

  • Aureal seeks Chapter 11 shield

    So farewell, then...

    Business 06 11:04

  • Via claims 348 per cent sales rise in March

    Chipset business thrives, lawyers will get paid

    Business 06 11:08

  • Rumbled in the Jungle.com

    Prepare to take your hat off

    Business 06 11:13

  • Third secret-packed official notebook nicked

    Army's laptop loss 'incredibly embarrassing' admits Blimp

    Business 06 11:20

  • PR bunnies in extinction shock

    New technology will finish them off

    Business 06 12:00

  • Former Nortel exec fined over mile-high sex romp

    Strange mewing noises in underwear, much groping. Grief...

    Business 06 12:27

  • No customer support please, we're Sony

    Radical new approach to Web help

    Business 06 12:49

  • ATI records 136 per cent profit hike

    Rage 128 Pro, Mobility flying off the shelves, apparently

    Business 06 13:11

  • Saudi prince takes $1bn AOL stake

    After Steve Case's oil reserves?

    Business 06 13:30

  • Compaq's Wildfire gets first public benchmark

    And The Big Q is The Big Q no more

    Business 06 13:37

  • Now Netscape are 6 – and a nation yawns

    Yesterday's news today hits the UK

    Business 06 13:46

  • Judge's Java findings may trigger Sun suit against MS

    But maybe Sun's just making more mischief

    Business 06 13:55

  • UK PLC leaves door open to hackers – report

    Two thirds of them don't change anything, even after a serious breach

    Business 06 14:16

  • Apple ships Darwin 1.0 open source OS core

    But Intel compatibility not quite there yet

    Business 06 14:20

  • AOL unveils Gateway-made Linux Net appliance

    Soon there will be no escape from 'You've got Mail'

    Business 06 14:35

  • InterX inches closer to Ideal Hardware sale

    Talking to 'potential purchaser'

    Business 06 14:41

  • Gates hits Washington in serial lobbying schmooze

    Senators, Republicans, Prez - busy busy boy...

    Business 06 14:48

  • Likely MS remedies: breaking up is hard to do

    We look at the options the court faces

    Business 06 15:19

  • Leak! ServerWorks cornerstone of Intel servers

    Roadmaps show reliance on outsiders

    Business 06 15:31