5th April 2000 Archive

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  • TFN author ‘Mixter’ sentenced

    Soft landing in Germany will frustrate DoJ

    Business 05 02:06

  • MS judge: sentence in 60 days, go straight to Supreme Court

    How's he going to pull this one off, readers?

    Business 05 08:00

  • BT mulls wireless, satellite broadband delivery

    Up to a point, Lord Copper

    Business 05 08:51

  • Third-party mobo offers flip-chip FICs

    Mainboard Coppermine drought begins to end

    Business 05 09:13

  • Rambus share price dives again

    $500 forecast over-optimistic? AMD rises to new high

    Business 05 09:30

  • CHS seeks bankruptcy ring-fence in Web firm womb move

    Messed up on distribution, time to mess up on something else

    Business 05 10:24

  • Oftel names the local loop breakers

    Trials involve 14 telcos

    Business 05 11:04

  • Embrace technology or go out of business, warns Gates

    Now, what was that the judge just finished saying?

    Business 05 11:23

  • Microsoft takes UK TV soap offensive

    Deirdre, Beal, Ken could help counter organised crime

    Business 05 11:33

  • Site uncovers dull man trapped in a young woman's body

    Linda Harrison is alarmed

    Business 05 11:36

  • Whale meat again on the Cyrix web site

    You don’t want a new CPU, you want to visit Argentina

    Business 05 11:38

  • Netscape: change your user name now!

    What do you mean you can't log in?

    Business 05 12:03

  • 3dfx licenses Intel's Real3D patents

    Drops lawsuit in exchange

    Business 05 12:10

  • Intel's Timna to have triple mobo support

    More details from our Intel mole

    Business 05 12:19

  • Intel's Garibaldi takes the Rambus biscuit

    Willamette's secret RIMM mobo

    Business 05 12:36

  • SGI to enable 64-way Linux multiprocessing with ccNUMA

    You'll have to do it on Intel Itanium chips, though

    Business 05 12:43

  • Get ready for the Net-ready photo booth

    So, how many people can you cram into an e-photo booth?

    Business 05 12:59

  • AP spills VIP contact details on Lycos.de


    Business 05 13:45

  • Nintendo Gameboy delay confirms Palm profit fears

    LCD shortage may hit next Gameboy release, will hit Palm income

    Business 05 13:50

  • Galaxy spins round AOL class action

    Anti-competitive lawsuits mount

    Business 05 14:05

  • AMD to bust $1 billion quarterly barrier

    Share price: ready, steady, go

    Business 05 14:07

  • Gates and Ballmer vow to continue fight at appeal

    But the quest for a settlement goes on

    Business 05 14:47

  • MS spinmeister offline till November, cites ‘hardware’ fault

    Trial period run out?

    Business 05 18:26

  • Cyber Patrol ban list published on the Web

    Handy links to all your favourite sites

    Business 05 18:51