4th April 2000 Archive

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  • Judge finds against MS on virtually all fronts

    Little comfort for company in verdict

    Business 04 07:49

  • MS guilty – can Prez Bush save it?

    If the procedure drags, a new administration may come to the rescue

    Business 04 07:51

  • Via admits it's in talks to buy S3 chip unit

    But other companies are talking to S3 too, Via confirms

    Business 04 10:07

  • Bluetooth won't fry your brain

    Didn't they say that about GSM phones?

    Business 04 10:08

  • Sega US preps free Dreamcast lure for its ISP

    Nicks idea from Japanese co.

    Business 04 11:11

  • 1GHz StrongARM picks up .18 micron features

    Dynamic clock speeds, ultra low voltage

    Business 04 11:44

  • B2B goes hell for leather

    But what is a vortal?

    Business 04 11:59

  • Lastminute refunds people who never bought shares

    Another admin cock-up

    Business 04 12:07

  • OnDigital – TV's secret service

    Blood from a stone situation on the information front

    Business 04 12:39

  • Lorry alarm nobbles immigrants

    Get out me cab, you're nicked, san

    Business 04 14:58

  • AltaVista beta-tests UK ISP service

    Goes live after Easter

    Business 04 15:10

  • Freedom phone fighters tussle over domain

    All the way to High Court

    Business 04 15:18

  • Judge uses verdict to torpedo MS appeal chances

    Cunningly stresses the Supreme Court made him do it

    Business 04 15:29

  • Intel's cunning network plan

    Still missing blue bits of the jigsaw

    Business 04 15:30

  • Herpes contracted over the Net

    A real sore for site eyes

    Business 04 15:43

  • Nortel lobbies to broadband for the world

    With 30 of its closest friends

    Business 04 16:03

  • Settlement not dead as DoJ mulls MS appeals

    Jackson's rhetoric is powerful, but how solid?

    Business 04 16:22

  • MS ruling knocks stuffing out of Wall Street

    Already they're calling it: 'Charcoal Tuesday'

    Business 04 17:23

  • DeCSS injunction challenged

    Hacking as 'fair use'

    Business 04 23:13

  • New virus wipes your HDD, then rings 911

    Look for chode and dickhair on your drive

    Business 04 23:33