3rd April 2000 Archive

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  • Tom's Hardware gives Rambus fresh kicking

    Morgan Stanley knifed

    Business 03 07:05

  • AMD, Intel, Moto to face Austin poachfest

    Large Chipzilla facility will put pressure on jobs

    Business 03 08:24

  • Western Digital debuts 15.3 GB per-platter disk

    It's big, it's fast, it's quiet, they're practically giving 'em away

    Business 03 08:35

  • Excite Invades Poland

    'Aggressive European Expansion plans'

    Business 03 10:00

  • Palm founders' latest enterprise to IPO

    Don't hold your breath - Handspring IPO filing only a statement of intent

    Business 03 10:10

  • Big Blue hypes up 0.13 micron capability

    'Will be number two to Intel within five years'

    Business 03 10:19

  • More leaks: Intel readies Itanium Lion project

    And software secrets from Chipzilla

    Business 03 11:16

  • AMI ships 840 mobo that works

    But will it tell Intel how to do it?

    Business 03 11:31

  • Were Nato Kosovo documents leaked on the Web?

    Rules of engagement

    Business 03 11:43

  • Leak! Intel desktop plans slip out… and slip

    Some more codenames to wrap your brain round

    Business 03 11:44

  • New Windows Media Player plays it all – except DVDs

    Testers need nerves of steel

    Business 03 11:54

  • Battle rages over blame for MS talks failure

    But what was it the states proposed?

    Business 03 12:05

  • Amiga preps dual-OS plan, outlines hardware line-up

    Sounds good, but hasn't Be been here before?

    Business 03 12:09

  • Lastminute in bounced cheques debacle

    Adminstrative cock-up to blame

    Business 03 12:41

  • Optical IEEE 1394 does 100m in 400Mbps

    Japanese boffins square FireWire-on-optical circle

    Business 03 12:48

  • UK Online slams Govt. trademark trampling

    Sticks and stones

    Business 03 14:37

  • Compel gets Midas touch

    Snaps up Oracel reseller

    Business 03 14:51

  • Informa turfs out porn surfers

    Expect dismissal letters this evening

    Business 03 14:52

  • Here comes the judge – MS verdict due tonight

    Almost time to buy some stock...

    Business 03 15:15

  • The Register libeled by huge US telco

    Yo! Extra-territorial litigation here we come!

    Business 03 18:15

  • MS guilty – a monopoly, and anti competitive

    Verdict a virtual down-the-line victory for prosecution

    Business 03 21:37