31st March 2000 Archive

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  • MostHateD in gaol for burglary

    Giving hackers a bad name

    Business 31 04:27

  • Mitnick movie draws copyright lawsuit

    Contains source material from more than one book, apparently

    Business 31 05:07

  • Stephen King e-book cracked and distributed free

    Pirates save consumers a whopping $2.50

    Business 31 05:53

  • Viglen beds down with LineOne for ISP launch

    Guess who plays mother?

    Business 31 08:10

  • Tiny launches one-stop Web shop for tiny businesses

    Teams up with the Sage of Newcastle

    Business 31 08:11

  • Jeanette Winterson demands return of kidnapped name

    Cybersquatter regrets 'ham-fisted' approach to famous authors

    Business 31 09:36

  • AMD's share price rises on positive forecast

    Intel, Rambus down on day

    Business 31 09:39

  • Michael Dell puts boot into BT ADSL plans

    Makes a change from AMD

    Business 31 09:54

  • Sun calls lawyers down on non-Sun Web site

    Help must be official help

    Business 31 09:55

  • Ballmer reorgs MS reorged reorg. Reorg imminent?

    Reborn Maritz sells the farm...

    Business 31 10:00

  • Infineon pulls 12-incher out of plants

    New fab for Dresden will reduce costs

    Business 31 10:12

  • 1GHz Coppermine won't copulate

    Takes two to tango but these won't

    Business 31 10:35

  • eBay subpoenaed in DoJ commissions-fixing probe

    More miracles of the 'new economy'

    Business 31 10:36

  • Daytrader nabbed for fake Lucent BB posting

    Boy, is he dumb

    Business 31 10:44

  • Some Athlon boards crunch with Win95A

    BIOS corruption with KX133 chipset

    Business 31 10:49

  • CCM hives off distribution in MBO

    Transforms itself into an Internet cash shell

    Business 31 11:09

  • S3 Sweepstake: Via edges into the lead

    Taiwanese chipset challenger slides past former favourite, Nvidia

    Business 31 11:15

  • Yahoo! named in FTC privacy investigation

    Shareholders warned to lower expectations

    Business 31 11:22

  • IBM and Citrix kick start ASP business

    Nothing to the Net in five days. Invoice to follow, presumably...

    Business 31 11:30

  • OS-9 owner to appeal Apple MacOS 9 trademark ruling

    Apple has violated our trademark, OS developer insists

    Business 31 11:44

  • Watford Electronics turns cybersquatter on rivals for ‘a joke’

    Owner of stevebennett.co.uk, dabs.org.uk

    Business 31 11:56

  • Sony recalls 1.25m PlayStation 2 CDs

    Replacement disk prevents Region One DVD playback - so why upgrade?

    Business 31 12:07

  • Psion licenses Opera browser for EPOC

    Hold the back page...

    Business 31 12:08

  • US patent mess will get worse before it gets better

    Little chance of arresting ludicrous land-grabs

    Business 31 12:37

  • US judge upholds hyperlinks

    Copyrights were never intended to promote advertising

    Business 31 12:42

  • Corel Linux on the rise, but Red Hat still dominant

    Nobody's got a monopoly though - whew...

    Business 31 12:50

  • Intel worker indicted for spilling Itanium secrets

    Hacking the old-fashioned way

    Business 31 13:08

  • Intel worker indicted for spilling Itanium secrets

    Hacking the old-fashioned way

    Business 31 13:10

  • Student spams sex email by mistake

    Quits course, lands in court

    Business 31 13:45

  • Bitboys misses 3D superchip debut deadline

    Second delay strikes Glaze3D, by the look of it

    Business 31 13:58

  • Pearson snaps up one-time multimedia star Dorling Kindersley

    £311m buys troubled Web content, Star Wars book purveyor

    Business 31 14:26

  • Have Web server… will travel

    UK team develops a Palm-based version of Apache... or has it?

    Business 31 14:46

  • Jungle buys Software Warehouse ahead of planned IPO

    One hand washes the other

    Business 31 15:55