30th March 2000 Archive

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  • Via goes for dual-processor jugular

    Intros Pro133A chipset supporting 4GB PC-133

    Business 30 05:29

  • FIC gives Intel BX440 board hearty resuscitation

    You can't put good technology down

    Business 30 06:19

  • Intel Labs to go 3D at NAB

    News from the backroom boffins

    Business 30 06:40

  • More CuMine Celerons en route from Intel

    The A suffix gets a reprise for 533MHz

    Business 30 07:21

  • Cybersquatter? Not me, says owner of Greatdomainrobbery

    Interview with fast-moving entrepreneur

    Business 30 07:39

  • Ballmer plays to gallery with message to MS troops

    Preparing the way for a deal?

    Business 30 07:46

  • Acer casts adrift three disties

    Wants to hang out with the big guys

    Business 30 07:49

  • Nationwide and its most peculiar Net banking plans

    Service available at branches

    Business 30 07:53

  • CDNow faces Cash Crash

    Arthur Andersen expresses big doubts

    Business 30 08:14

  • Sony to fold US music, movie wings into broadband unit

    Paves way for the day when everything comes by cable

    Business 30 08:26

  • Intel's server board strategy to 2002

    End of lines, dates, closures and $1.5 million in dosh

    Business 30 08:33

  • Intel's server board strategy to 2002

    Classy chassis, Glen Echo and Raid options

    Business 30 08:34

  • MS, BT, AT&T strike global wireless broadband deal

    At last - Redmond scores a biggie

    Business 30 08:48

  • MostHateD to plead guilty in gLobaL heLL hack case

    Dropping like flies....

    Business 30 08:49

  • Demon coughs up damages in Godfrey libel case

    Pays price for uncivil liberties

    Business 30 08:51

  • Bizarre language in Mattel ruling

    'Slavery' and 'genocidal slaughter' cited in copyright case

    Business 30 09:25

  • ex-AMD Atiq Raza gets Infiniband job

    The ironies of any old Intel iron

    Business 30 09:43

  • Acer unveils ‘most competitive’ embedded Linux

    OS to ship under Animeta brand and ultimately replace Windows in Acer kit

    Business 30 10:19

  • Long fraud scam hits eBay

    LA outfit wins buyers trust then takes the money and runs

    Business 30 10:46

  • Ugly Web site finds curry and beer for Brits

    Geography is about maps, soon about WAPs

    Business 30 11:35

  • S3 chip team sale: the potential buyers lined up

    Step forward Nvidia as the main contender, but there are others...

    Business 30 11:45

  • Inprise lawyers seek to block opposition to Corel merger

    Shareholder's employer threatened over anti-merger Web site

    Business 30 12:07

  • Leak! Intel's server board strategy to 2002

    Brace, brace it's codename conundrums

    Business 30 12:35

  • Emulator puts arcade classics on digital cameras

    Donkey Kong on a Kodak

    Business 30 12:51

  • Seagate MBOs HDD business at rock-bottom price

    Group dismembered in $20 billion deal

    Business 30 15:02

  • Ticketmaster calls for ban on linking rejected

    Hello, welcome to the Internet. You're a stranger here, I gather...

    Business 30 15:46

  • Quios looks to extend global reach

    Start up wants to spread its wings

    Business 30 15:52

  • Apple to ship 800MHz Power Mac G4 by year end

    Motorola's predictions of Apple's release schedule matches our predictions of Motorola's

    Business 30 16:51