27th March 2000 Archive

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  • Intel tweaks notebook pricing

    SpeedStep chips see biggest move, but where's the 700MHz?

    Business 27 07:00

  • Rambus faces antitrust accusations

    Hitachi strikes back by invoking Sherman Act

    Business 27 07:11

  • FBI tracks Bill Gates credit card hackers to Welsh village

    'He had an American accent and was wearing a trench coat'

    Business 27 07:28

  • Hopes of deal fade as DoJ rejects MS offer

    Proposal was complex, but not good enough

    Business 27 07:44

  • Muddle erupts over dual CPU Intel platform

    The flipping chips won't play the game

    Business 27 09:18

  • FBI computer security consultant busted

    'Ethical hacker' lights the candle at both ends

    Business 27 09:38

  • Nvidia detonates new features for $0.00

    Driver tips up in 'new lamps for old' shock

    Business 27 09:59

  • MS pulls legacy hardware drivers from Windows ME

    Nearly ready to roll, download the wheels for yourself...

    Business 27 10:53

  • BT boob exposes personal details

    Big Number? Big no no, more like

    Business 27 10:54

  • Martha Lane Fox ate my mouse

    Move over Freddie Starr...

    Bootnotes 27 11:42

  • MS offers to free OEMs, dis-integrate IE to escape noose

    Unless we're going to sabotage the wording again, this offer sounds strangely generous...

    Business 27 11:48

  • Fujitsu Siemens sacks All The President's Men

    Hoffman and Hoog awarded Grand Order of The Boot

    Business 27 12:28

  • Aureal close to collapse – execs out on their ears

    To sell or to wind down?

    Business 27 12:45

  • Apple open source OS to ship on Intel

    Darwin may be x86 compatible, but it doesn't mean MacOS X will be

    Business 27 13:21

  • Cosmopolitan wins £4000 damages from porn-threat cybersquatter

    The worm is turned

    Business 27 13:36

  • Hackers use PlayStation 2 to dump DVDs to tape

    Industry-standard copy protection mechanism bypassed, claim Web sites

    Business 27 13:54

  • Iridium creditors sue Motorola for $1.99bn

    Suit alleges Motorola syphoned off cash from doomed satellite comms company

    Business 27 14:12

  • Universities hit by Net costs

    Students run up massive phone bills - wherever they are

    Business 27 14:15

  • Red Hat still in the red

    But sales are growing nicely

    Business 27 15:53

  • Amstrad leaks like leaky thing over ‘Web phone’ launch

    Exclusives mount up

    Business 27 15:53