22nd March 2000 Archive

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  • Disabled people represent the true digital divide

    IT offers much to those least likely to use it -- report

    Business 22 07:57

  • IPO values Caldera at $1.2 billion

    Strong debut defies NASDAQ jitters

    Business 22 08:23

  • Kymata to bring light to UK dark fibre

    US dosh will fund second Scots opto fab

    Business 22 09:04

  • Hackers can control military assets remotely

    Anyone care for a nightmare?

    Business 22 09:07

  • Rambust kicked in goolies by Big Blue

    Ouch! The roller coaster ride from memory hell

    Business 22 09:39

  • Cash Register: 1-14 Mar, 2000

    Tales from The Bubble Economy

    Business 22 10:19

  • Net minnows Carlton and WH Smith huddle close

    Second division players team up

    Business 22 10:34

  • Mr Oxford University accuses Oxford University of murder

    Cybersquatter on the offensive

    Business 22 11:02

  • Tiny Online touts 24/7 Net for 'less than £30' per month

    Sounds like BT Surftime's behind this

    Business 22 11:41

  • SuSE Linux 6.4 to ship 3 April

    Easiest Linux to install - ever, claims company

    Business 22 11:50

  • Distie stung with fake Compaq memory

    CRN also reports chip theft in crime-packed issue

    Business 22 12:05

  • SCO falls into sales black hole

    ...But climbing out RSN

    Business 22 12:06

  • Marks out of ten for the Chancellor

    We revisit PwC's ten Budget tips and see how they stand now

    Business 22 12:16

  • Apple movie marketeer joins Palm

    PowerBook product placement

    Business 22 12:22

  • Carry on Falling – Lastminute shares

    Private investors take stock

    Business 22 12:50

  • Laddish One 2 One attempts corporate breakthrough

    They've got the troughs and they're going for it

    Business 22 15:28

  • Europe unleashes second probe into MS

    Can't even spend $3bn on a little cable company without Brussels chipping in, apparently...

    Business 22 15:32

  • Ban Quake, Home Office adviser demands

    Menace to Society

    Business 22 15:37

  • Cyrix folk walk out after Via revelation

    Nine frontline mutineers say this is no bounty

    Business 22 15:48

  • Internet pharmacies draw fire on Capitol Hill

    Most sites are mere electronic crack houses

    Business 22 15:54

  • First fake Athlons spotted

    ComputerNerd issues alert

    Business 22 16:01

  • German firm registers MP3 as trademark

    It appears that observations are welcome

    Business 22 16:30

  • MS code leak ‘ships’ Win 2001 a year early

    Looks chillingly like Win2k. Here we go again, folks...

    Business 22 17:12

  • Office 2k SR-1 makes registration with MS compulsory

    Makes life easier for consumers and harder for pirates, it says here...

    Business 22 17:19