21st March 2000 Archive

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  • Corel Q1 disappoints

    Hopes still riding on Linux growth

    Business 21 Mar 08:40

  • MS volte face embraces next generation Internet

    After six months of silence, are we going into IPv6 overdrive?

    Business 21 Mar 08:43

  • Action steals finance director from MFI

    How do you like it sofa?

    Business 21 Mar 08:50

  • Tubehell webcasts London mayor wannabes quiz

    We are not sardines, we are human beings

    Business 21 Mar 09:16

  • Time for a Coppermine – or is it April Fool?

    System builder launches 850MHz and 866MHz beasts, 1 April

    Business 21 Mar 09:24

  • Big dealer flogs cheapo car imports on the Net

    Rip-Off Britain under threat

    Business 21 Mar 10:48

  • 3Com to ditch products and up to 3000 jobs

    Post-Palm drive to profitability powered by broadband, wireless, ISP markets

    Business 21 Mar 10:58

  • The easy way to be a Net Millionaire – win a BT raffle

    Not especially good odds, though

    Business 21 Mar 10:58

  • MPs get 1000 anti-RIP faxes

    It's time to make a Stand

    Business 21 Mar 11:09

  • Second, Scots Hyundai fab in sell-off talks

    Another mothball set to hatch Intel brood?

    Business 21 Mar 11:41

  • ePublisher claims it can save Iridium, turn a profit

    Comedy Rescue Plan of the Week?

    Business 21 Mar 11:46

  • Staffordshire town wires schools to giant Intranet

    Safe learning environment

    Business 21 Mar 11:51

  • Big Blue boffins make big storage breakthrough

    Self-arranging magnetic particles appear in lab

    Business 21 Mar 11:57

  • Netware 3.x hits end of the road

    But supported until 2002

    Business 21 Mar 12:09

  • Demon ‘uncensored Internet’ harms child porn clampdown – Observer

    Internet Watch Foundation also slammed, in a scare story which goes too far

    Business 21 Mar 12:11

  • Nvidia NV15 to clock to 200MHz

    Creative first out of the gate

    Business 21 Mar 12:12

  • Gateway research reveals truth about UK techno dummies

    Launches idiot-proof PC at bargain basement price

    Business 21 Mar 12:49

  • Via scotches AMD merger rumours

    And the state of Intel's ITC complaint?

    Business 21 Mar 13:29

  • Virgincars.com suffers Grand eTheft Auto

    Brrm, Brrm, Branson

    Business 21 Mar 13:48

  • 98lite IE removal system for Win2k under development

    And a 15-20 meg Win98 install is also promised

    Business 21 Mar 14:12

  • What the hell is… IPv6?

    Why it's happening, what it means, who's doing it

    Business 21 Mar 14:41

  • Severed finger found in PC

    And other tales from The PC World HellDesk

    Business 21 Mar 14:59

  • Consumers told to watch out for Intel samples

    Why is the channel awash with clockable engineers' chips?

    Business 21 Mar 15:54

  • UK Budget gives IT shot in arm

    Chancellor moves to help hi-tech sector

    Business 21 Mar 15:59

  • Intel performs another networking legover

    This time it's only half a billion bucks

    Business 21 Mar 16:02

  • Birmingham IT entrepreneur to launch bid for Rover

    ...If he can assemble a consortium

    Business 21 Mar 16:33

  • Dotcoms deny they are running out of cash

    Barron's Report article puts cat among pigeons

    Business 21 Mar 16:39