17th March 2000 Archive

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  • Sun scientist Joy on the future that doesn't need us

    Veteran thinker considers the risks of future technology

    Business 17 07:16

  • SAS ports its software to Linux

    Packages to appear on multiple distributions by year end

    Business 17 07:19

  • US Patent Office appears to trash laws of physics

    Device faster than the speed of light. Must be an Athlon.

    Business 17 08:39

  • China to use Sun boxes for warplane systems

    Early warning system no threat to US pilots

    Business 17 08:58

  • Compaq's Wildfire gets May 16 debut

    Seed systems start to sprout

    Business 17 10:15

  • Debt collectors coming to get you online

    Won't send the Boys round

    Business 17 10:20

  • Tecmar warns about tapes and Windows 2000

    Others, surely, will follow suit...

    Business 17 10:33

  • Why Intel's Foster will use DDR memory

    At last, some Rambus clarification

    Business 17 10:53

  • Blair in Women's Weekly online storm

    Govt.Web site used for party-political ends. Again

    Business 17 11:53

  • Lastminute shares rally at err… last minute

    Closes up on earlier fall

    Business 17 13:29

  • ZDNet posts CRAP Demon Story

    Oversells itself in dodgy headline shock horror

    Business 17 13:41

  • Intel notebook chip glitch not just Tosh problem

    400MHz notebooks hit by rocky stalagmites

    Business 17 14:21

  • Text me, Cindy (my Bluetooth baby)

    But make sure the WAP phone works first

    Business 17 15:21

  • Sony PS2 is 21 times more popular than Win2k

    It's great what you can do with statistics

    Business 17 15:36

  • Channel Flannel: Resellers charged with handling pirate MS goods

    London ring broken

    Business 17 17:16

  • AMD Athlon 550 rises from the dead

    Pricing will give Intel the collywobbles

    Business 17 17:22

  • Sony may fix copy protection in mass PS2 recall

    Don't send them back

    Business 17 17:30

  • Biggest online credit card heist leaked to MSNBC

    Yank whistle-blower overlooks The Reg, but we're not bitter

    Business 17 22:03