16th March 2000 Archive

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  • HP punters shout online over missing W2K driver

    All the fun of the forum

    Business 16 07:07

  • MS wins more time in Euro antitrust case

    Are we checking to see if the Commission will blink?

    Business 16 07:37

  • US-Europe privacy deal: agreeing to ignore it?

    But if the fudge averts a trade war...

    Business 16 07:39

  • Big Blue makes 75GB hard drive

    Biggest capacity disk ships next month

    Business 16 07:46

  • Intel puts whole weight behind Red China

    Normal trade relations essential for business

    Business 16 08:23

  • Mouse pen gets joyful mobile twist

    The moving keyboard writes and having writ...

    Business 16 09:01

  • Zoom struts down the Free Everything catwalk

    Wants to flog more clothes

    Business 16 09:24

  • FBI Web site hacked

    DoS attack commemorates a Bureau anniversary

    Business 16 09:52

  • Virginia passes controversial software licensing law

    Power to the shrink-wrap

    Business 16 10:26

  • VA Linux slims servers with new acquisitions

    pumps up storage

    Business 16 11:21

  • No profits for Freeserve – for two, three years

    Pluthero speaks

    Business 16 11:25

  • Congressional privacy commission proposed

    Just in case industry hasn't got the message yet

    Business 16 11:29

  • X-Stream US shareholders slam LibertySurf IPO lock-out

    It's not fair

    Business 16 11:33

  • Nvidia gets $200m X-Box injection

    MS to hand over advance next month

    Business 16 11:38

  • Congressman proposes more high-tech visas

    Ringers from overseas needed to run the IT Revolution

    Business 16 12:06

  • Intel 866, 850 prices arrive next Monday

    Chips may follow behind later

    Business 16 12:11

  • Rambus memory gets Dataquest vote

    Hyundai changes mind about DDR

    Business 16 12:48

  • Home Office RIPs into its Big Brother critics

    Open letter from Charles Clarke MP

    Business 16 12:58

  • eBay clamps down on hoax bids

    Spoils the harmless amusement of millions

    Business 16 13:07

  • Infineon to gift technology to Mosel-Vitelic

    More microns for 12-inch fab

    Business 16 13:18

  • AMD prices set to kybosh Intel's .18 Celermine plans

    Pricing dilemma will mean low to no margins for Chipzilla

    Business 16 13:40

  • Angry employee busted after hack attack

    He's grumpy, greedy and dopey – he ain't no Snow White for sure

    Business 16 13:43

  • Sony plugs US DVD PS2 grey market

    More spoilsports

    Business 16 14:02

  • MS gives away Win2k Pro code for free

    Full code dished out in error, instead of 120 day trial as mag cover mount

    Business 16 15:23

  • Mobile phones blamed for DVD-ROM drought

    Yes, really

    Business 16 16:48

  • Tom's Hardware dissects Rambus

    Eviscerates, more like

    Business 16 21:15