15th March 2000 Archive

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  • Spot-the-ball in the Net with Littlewoods gambling site

    £2 million weekly jackpot

    Business 15 06:39

  • What do Rolex, Brad Pitt and Llanwrthwl have in common?

    A. Domain name angst

    Business 15 06:44

  • Novell unleashes NDS for Linux

    Directories, we got directories...

    Business 15 08:02

  • Euro businesses slow to adopt Windows 2000

    But overall growth of PC market to bounce back

    Business 15 08:48

  • Intel buys Giga AS for $1.25 billion

    It's more of a Legover than a takeover

    Business 15 09:03

  • Intel broadsides Broadcom for poaching secrets

    Systematic attack causes legal affray

    Business 15 09:19

  • NEC wins huge share prize from Rambus

    The price is right. Come on down, them thar RIMMs

    Business 15 09:54

  • MS claims Win2k sells million in first month

    Good, bad? Depends on how you look at it...

    Business 15 10:09

  • Microsoft licenses media player to RealNetworks

    Not a reformed Redmond, just using different tactics

    Business 15 10:48

  • Blair, Clinton gut the NASDAQ

    Biotech stumbles; can IT take up the slack?

    Business 15 11:57

  • Lastminute: What the Papers Say

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Business 15 12:15

  • Inside-IT Hogs limelight with auction launch

    Surplus inventory disposal heralds the return of George's Harley

    Business 15 12:46

  • Telewest leaks broadband service – by mistake

    £50 per month

    Business 15 13:48

  • Share punters should hi-tail into hi-tech

    bubble.dots may burst but tech stocks will stay steady

    Business 15 13:51

  • Raise your glasses to Compaq on St Patrick's Day

    Lend me 10 pounds and I'll buy you a drink…

    Business 15 14:48

  • It's Big, it's Irish, it's online.ie

    Damn fine computer news service behind the green door

    Business 15 14:50

  • GraphOn sues Citrix and Insignia

    Trade secret 'misappropriation and breach of contract'

    Business 15 15:26

  • Over and out for CUT unmetered lobby group?

    Good job, well done

    Business 15 15:51

  • German Net access price war heats up

    Choice cuts

    Business 15 16:01

  • Storm over MS bid to bounce MSCEs into Win2k

    Switch to Win2k now and it's a bargain, honest

    Business 15 16:04

  • AMD gets unjustified kicking in share goolies

    Yet many see bright times ahead...

    Business 15 16:30

  • Nineteen charged in $8.4m AOL chatroom insider-trading scam

    Who says bulletin boards are bad for you?

    Business 15 16:56

  • Will X-Box win (X) Windows Everywhere for MS?

    The latest thing may cut a path through the OS strategy mess

    Business 15 17:01

  • Tubbie Terror game strikes The Web

    Games sick people play

    Business 15 17:03

  • PlayStation 2 can play US DVDs – apparently

    Hurrah for Hackers

    Business 15 17:04

  • Clinton aids Intel in Bangladeshi oil push

    One day before the spring Equinox...

    Business 15 21:20