13th March 2000 Archive

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  • Going up – Linux for Lifts

    But shouldn't it be embeds for all?

    Business 13 09:56

  • 250,000 flock to register for Lastminute shares

    Boom times

    Business 13 10:02

  • Qwest blames US West for DT deal going west

    Byzantine intrigues

    Business 13 10:06

  • Analysts pan screenphones, praise mobile

    Not everything good is successful

    Business 13 10:54

  • Breathe in, breathe out for Free Everything ISP

    Martin Dawes jumps into the fray

    Business 13 12:13

  • Iridium rival satellite plunges into the sea

    Where did it go?

    Business 13 12:49

  • 1GHz Athlons to ship in the UK next week

    No sign of Intel 1GHz on retail price lists

    Business 13 13:51

  • Distribution turns into Icy Hell for ICL

    Quits Compaq, IBM and Fujitsu wholesaling

    Business 13 15:50

  • Freeserve dampens Observer speculation on toll-free times

    Sticks to Register line

    Business 13 16:06

  • Sony PlayStation 2 prices hit £1000 on UK grey market

    ...isn't this supposed to be 'illegal'?

    Business 13 17:56