10th March 2000 Archive

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  • Aureate “spy” hoax exposed

    And The Register's diligent 'butt work' helps contain it....

    Business 10 05:32

  • Feds charge Coolio while DoS attackers remain at large

    Well, at least they're not totally empty-handed....

    Business 10 06:29

  • NatSemi's IA strategy paying off

    Q3 shows big profit over last year's loss

    Business 10 08:18

  • Novell ships eDirectory for Win2k, claims sales victory

    NOS wars continue...

    Business 10 08:40

  • Corel-Intel Linux PC claim triggers row

    Chipzilla seems not to be entirely happy. Oh no.

    Business 10 08:42

  • EDS duped by ‘NATO’ fraud

    Ships kit to top secret project - never to be seen again

    Business 10 08:55

  • Say Eh-Oh to PlayStation

    Teletubbies hit games trail

    Business 10 09:01

  • Amazon's Bezos calls for radical change in patent laws

    But won't unilaterally disarm its patents

    Business 10 09:03

  • Oftel loosens BT shackles

    But is it good for competition?

    Business 10 09:22

  • Hyundai legal spoils Infineon IPO party

    Alleged DRAM infringements filed

    Business 10 09:36

  • Intel Europe centralised puppets on a string

    Concerns mount over shipments of processors

    Business 10 11:05

  • Nearlylastminute.com consults lawyers over Sun article

    Nothing to do with us, Squire, Lastminute says

    Business 10 11:29

  • InterX shares rocket, buys PharmWeb

    Heading for FTSE 250 territory

    Business 10 12:40

  • ATI to demo gigatexel renderer, animation accelerator

    Charisma Engine and Pixel Tapestry to accelerate 3D rendering 'tenfold'

    Business 10 13:03

  • Oftel hails BT moves to unlock local loop

    Forecasts roll-out prior to full launch

    Business 10 14:01

  • LG shuts down Welsh iMac production line

    Plant couldn't assemble them cheaply enough for Apple

    Business 10 15:18

  • Rambus share price edges closer to $500

    And other runners and riders in the stock racing derby

    Business 10 15:35

  • Nippon Iridium halts new subscriptions

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...

    Business 10 15:42

  • Planet support staff put themselves in the picture

    Aren't Webcams great

    Business 10 15:50

  • Supanet pays you to surf

    Not just Supa, but smashing too

    Business 10 16:17

  • US preacher finds demon-possessed PCs

    And they speak in tongues, too

    Business 10 16:19

  • Sony asks buyers to return faulty PlayStation 2 MCs

    But reiterates recall denial

    Business 10 16:25

  • More class action grief for AOL

    Get orff my registry

    Business 10 16:31

  • PlayStation 3 to ship 2002

    X-Box's late 2001 launch may not matter too much...

    Business 10 16:39

  • LineOne joins Free Everything gang

    24/7 toll-free access and no subs

    Business 10 16:54

  • Motorola tells Iridium customers to expect the worst

    Buyer must be found by 15 March - or else...

    Business 10 17:36

  • Intel censors Pentium III forums

    Excises all references to you-know-who

    Business 10 17:44

  • X-Box unleashed: MS snubs PC OEMs, dumps AMD Athlon

    The spec and the plan escapes - Intel gets the gig after all

    Business 10 17:45

  • Intel snatches X-Box victory, eats AMD Athlon's lunch

    Historically, we'd just like to point out, AMD is always Wintel roadkill

    Business 10 18:36